So 27th December, its cold, really cold, but just the hint of the sun popping out the clouds took the edge of that. It was arranged to have a rally day at the 2016 Croft Christmas stages rally. Ive always wanted to go but one thing always lead to another for me not being able to go. This time i could make it, over the moon! The noise of the cars, especially mk1 Ford Escorts, Metro 6R4s, Subarus, Mitsubishis, even an awesome Porsche 911, wish i had done this sooner.

Lots of photos later, a good walk around with friends taking in the sights and sounds, has made me already plan this for 2017, hell, I might even look at doing a track day, ha !

Click Here to see more pictures from this cold, yet awesome day.

HI FOM`ers, hope we’re all doing OK and keeping on top of washing your MINIS through the rubbish weather.

So, in forum land there’s some big stuff going on, and that includes the software used for FOM. All in all this is a good thing, better stability, better features, faster browsing and more. This does mean however this will mean some downtime for both the web side, and tapatalk side of things, of course I’ll try and keep that down time to a minimum. So, if tapatalk doesn’t work, try the web, and visa versa.

Remember, FULLONMINIs is a nonprofit club, the running comes from kind donations from forum members like yourself. We hope you find the club enjoyable and enhances the experience of your MINI, including the community side of things. To show your support please send any donations to Anything from £10.00 per annum keeps this site alive and kicking, and makes you a yearly FOM+ member too, awesome.

As always we’re always open to any suggestions on how the club progresses, and it’ll be our 5th birthday in April, which is pretty damn good going, so a pat on the back to all involved.