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hi guys seems iv just done this to mine i took the oportunity to make a little how to.


right so first make sure the car is dry not just washed or damp with rain etc

i had a perfect day to do it car sat in 20 degrees heat all day so did it straight after work :)

if it was abit colder id have given it a quick warm up with a hair dryer or similar item.


this is what you get :



right first off i gave the belt line a good wipe to make sure it was all spanking clean.



then i put the strips of vinyl against the section i was doing then cut it to the right size given myself a little bit more than needed either end.



then i peeled a little bit of vinyl off the paper pressed it against the belt line leaving some sticking out over the edge so you can fold it over,i started at the bottom of the belt line making sure it was covering the whole silver part,then using my thumb pushed the vinyl down working higher untill it was all flush whilst doing this use your other hand to pull the vinyl tight and to peel more vinyl off.i then carried on doing this right the way along taking my time making sure it was all evenly straght,if you get bubbles just peel it back and do it again.



once you get to the other end leave enough so you can fold the vinyl over,i used a stanley knife blade to cut the vinyl,so the stuff is quite stretch so i pulled it tight and folded it over the edge so there is no bubbles creases etc,do this by stretching the vinyl i then cut any excess vinyl off using the blade.





do this all round the front section is slightly more difficult but easy enough (you need to take the wiper arms off its alot easyier).the corners are alot sharper so do as above but do very small parts at a time if you do big chunks youl just get creases when trying to press it down round the sharp corner once you have masterd the corner you will come to the split in the middle,what i did hear is go over the split press the vinyl down so it has stuck,this then shows the small gap where you can cut the vinyl with the blade and get a perfect finish :).






then do the same again for the rest of the car and admire your work! 8-):mrgreen:





hope this helps people when there doing there own cheers lee :)

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looks good :)

for anyone who wants to fit the kit, be careful not to stretch the vinyl much when near the edge as it can recede then it will show the chrome again and need re done :?

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