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Which is the best power steering pump replacement to buy

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Hi all,


Mini newb and first post on here so hopefully i've put it in the right spot?


Recently bought my R52 cabrio and noticed a noise, after searching forums, etc, and crawling under it it's obviously the psp that's the source, seems to be a weakness from the info i've looked at.  So for peace of mind i'm going to replace it but i wondered (and with it being a part many will have changed) does anyone have any recommendations on which replacement to buy.


I've done the search and theres various options at various prices, i'd rather get a trusted one (if that exists) and reduce the need to replace again but more importantly from a safety point of view as my girlfriend will also be driving and i'm not sure how she'd cope with a sudden loss of steering at speed.  I have seen ecutesting.com who offer a rebuild option with lifetime guarantee, my instinct was to buy a brand new part rather than used/refurbed but thought i'd throw it out to you guys as you'll have much more experience than me on this.


Thanks in advance

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Loss of power steering at speed sounds far worse than it actually is. 
You still have a manual connection and realistically how many sharp corners are on 70mph roads.

i would check OEM against aftermarket and see how the price stacks up. If you can find who makes the OEM one, even better as you will buy it cheaper elsewhere. 
Personally not knowing anything about power steering pumps, I’d lean towards OEM as you know it should fit without any hassle

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Its the original factory fitted ones that fail, i know in theory it should have been improved as a replacement part but never take anything for granted.  Agree with what you say about fitment, etc, though.

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