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New jcw/gp steptronic shift knob

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hi guys, just joined this group and looking to get myself an 18 plate cooper s clubman with the 8 speed steptronic auto shortly.

Anyone know if its possible to fit the shift knob on the new jcw/gp like this one, what the cost is likely to be and from where ?






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Hey @Beemerpij I'm not aware myself if this is possible, fingers crossed it is but I bet it would need some sort of coding. I'm guessing you may be the first on here to try it. Check out www.realoem.com for part numbers if you need them. it might give you a good indication of where to start

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Hi @Beemerpij like @Kettlepot I'm not sure if it is possible.

I'm not that familiar with the current gen of MINIs.. Does the Clubman you're looking at have the mechanical drive selector which moves and stays in the position for drive or reverse etc? If it does then I'd imagine it is not possible to retrofit the new gear selector. I may be totally wrong, but if it is possible I'd imagine it to be an ambitious and costly project.


I'm quite keen to see if it is possible though; please keep us updated :) 

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From what ive seen on RealOEM, there are some variations in selector between Clubman and Hatch however the switch box that the lever attaches to looks to be the same part number. 


RealOEM doesn't have any GP3 info as yet as its not long been out so its a little tricky to determine whether there are further variations on if this would work. 

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