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How to read C110 data

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Hi, what do I do with this data off my C110 scanner? 

I have a few of this type of message, that I took a photo of. I have cleared the fault, but this is all it told me. 

I've never scanned the Mini before, and I don't know when it was last done, so could be very old log? 

Can someone explain how to read it please 


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I don’t recognised that info, 

with most readers you get a specific code (I.e P00146) and sometimes a little explanation. You would then google the code (or I think Simon has saved them on here somewhere) and with the explanation you would be able to target further diagnosis. But that reader is portraying the info in a way I have never seen before, it may be worth reading the instruction manual to see how they tell you to decipher it or contact the seller/manufacturer.

sorry I couldn’t be more help.

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