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How to - Service inspections/guides

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All MINI models are equipped with a service display in the centre instrument panel, which shows the next type of service due, and the distance remaining until the next service, is required. Once the distance is reduced to zero, the display then shows the distance travelled since the service was due. Two types of service are specified, an "oil service" and an "inspection service". The occurrence of the service on the display will depend on how the vehicle has been used (number of starts, length of journeys, vehicle speeds, brake pad wear, bonnet opening frequency, fuel consumption, oil level and oil temp). It is important to realise the system is completely variable so no two MINIs will ever have the same mileage to get a service requirement, There are two types of inspection services, Inspection 1 and Inspection II, and these should be carried out alternatively with additional items to be included at time intervals.

Oil service:

Renew engine oil and filter

Reset Service Display

Check front and rear brake pad thickness's

Check operation of handbrake

Renew Pollen Filter

Inspection I:

All operations under Oil Service

Check all under bonnet components and hoses for fluid leaks

Check steering and suspension components for condition and security

Check exhaust system and mountings

Check condition of operation of seatbelts

Lubricate hinges and locks

Check headlight alignment

Check operation of windscreen and headlight wash (as applicable)

Check engine management system

Road test

Inspection II

All operations under Inspection I

Renew Auxiliary Belt

Renew spark plugs

Renew air filter

Check condition of drive shaft gaiters

Every two years:

Renew Brake Fluid

Every 4 Years:

Renew Coolant

Service Torques Nm (lbf ft):

Engine oil drain plug 25 (18)

Oil Filter Housing Cap 25 (18)

Spark plugs 27 (20)

Road wheel bolts 110 (81)

Information correct at time of publishing

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