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Mr Watton

How to - Lubricants and fluids

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Engine -

MINI LONG LIFE 04 SAE 0w-30 / SAE 5w - 30 (fully synthetic) to ACEA A3 may be used for topping up ONLY (ie Castrol Syntec

Engine oil capacity inc filter (all models) 4.5 ltrs

Cooling system -

Long Life ethylene glycol based antifreeze*

Coolant Capacity Cooper S 6.0 ltrs

Coolant Capacity Other models 5.3 ltrs

Mixture 50% antifreeze = protection down to -37c

Mixture 55% antifrezze = protection down to 45c

Manual Transmission -

all models up to 07/2004 / Texaco MTF94 Lifetime transmission oil

all models from 07/2004 / MTF-LT-3 Lifetime transmission oil

Transmission oil capacity (all models) 2.0 ltrs

Braking system -

Hydraulic Fluid to DOT 4

Power Steering -

Dexron II*

Washer Fluid Reservior

Capacity Windscreen/rear window washer 2.0 ltrs

Headlight Washers 2.5 ltrs

Fuel Tank

Capacity (all models) 50 ltrs

*Refer to your MINI dealer for brand name and type recommendations

Info correct at time of publish

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