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Hartside Run - Postponed

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We're proposing to do a run up to Hartside. DATE TBC. 


I've put together a route that will take us up the A69 to Haydon Bridge then on to Hartisde via the A686. For the route home I'm proposing a bit of a different twist and we take a more scenic and slightly longer route via High Force Waterfalls. 


As for those wanting food I'm lead to believe that there is sometimes a burger van on the site of the old Cafe. Failing that there are plenty of snacks available in the petrol station at Alston.


The route map can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/H1Ua5CuRch4FGVBm8




Start Point: MetroCentre McDonalds - Meet at 9am to head off at 9:30am 

Approx distance: 115 miles

Approx journey time: 4 hours (with stops)

Final end destination: Krispy Creme MetroCentre (Open to change, people can peel off during the run home)








As always, feedback is welcome be it positive or negative


*For those that know on the 29th there will apparently be photographers from "BikerPics' on the other side of the pass towards Melmerby. Once we're at Hartside if members want to have a run over that way to get photographed we can accommodate and fully support that - I'll be going!*

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2 hours ago, F56DEAN said:

Sounds good to me, 


Following on from Feedback from Krispy on Sunday just passed. Maybe alter the end destination to Toys R Us car park/Pizza Hut. See attached photo, this therefor means we’re out the way of public if we want to stand next to the cars or walk to McDonald’s for a coffee etc...?



We'll play it by ear when we get back 👍🏻 depends how many of us end up back there 

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For those that haven't spotted it yet, there is a run planned for Saturday 05/09/20 heading around Northumberland. It is limited numbers so please be quick as there is one space left. There are a couple of reserve spots incase anyone can't make it, so if interested please let me know.



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