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Midnight Black Cooper S

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More to follow 👀

Sideskirts on to complete the look 😎

Oh, forgot, also got genuine black headlight and tail light surrounds 

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Tried the usb socket, it works! So now to take dash apart to fit aux lead 🤪


Thought it wouldn’t work as it wouldn’t charge my iPhone but read up and it’s because Apple use a different configuration on their leads 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Yes. Was just going to use a Bluetooth receiver for music but this it’ll make it a cleaner install. Plus I can run charger cable behind stereo to USB socket so no need to hard wire into car.

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On 04/05/2020 at 15:49, ssbnreso said:

Cleaned the engine bay! Getting desperate now 😂


That looks great. Do you use any products to achieve this?

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17 hours ago, Kai2k said:

That looks great. Do you use any products to achieve this?

i just used ‘muc off’ bike cleaner agitated with paint brush. Then rinsed off and dried with a microfibre cloth.

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Almost gave up and went for a double din,

but by the time you factor in the head unit, facia, new dial faces your talking nearly £500 and for the amount I would use it just not worth it.

The place that did my roof quoted me £1k to re spray the rest of car excluding bumpers and skirts. So currently saving for that to get done sometime in the summer.

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Quick update,

took sat nav speedo out (just couldn’t get app to perform correctly plus radio kept de-tuning itself 🤷🏻‍♂️) replaced with lci stereo and some gp style gauges.

I’ve just bagged a set of r112 jcw alloys black for a good price, in my opinion.

New tyres going on tomorrow so should get those fitted tomorrow as well.

Pic of how car currently stands.


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