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Tip - replacing vanity mirror / sun visor bulbs

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Hi All, 

Hopefully this helps someone. So recently I did the full interior LED upgrade. I highly recommend this, it really makes the interior a much nicer place to be. It’s pretty simple - as always just take your time. Also, perhaps get a couple of spare fuses handy - I blew one (F 18 I think) just by pulling out the boot bulb. This took out a number of items including the air bags! 

Anyway, one area that puzzled me was the vanity bulbs. I believe most people attempt to remove the two clear / white plastic covers which sit over the bulbs. So this is possible, but risky if you are fussy like me and don’t want any marks on any trim. Once these are off, removal of the bulbs IS possible but it’s not easy due to restricted access. You need to be handy with tweezers, or bits of rubber tubing etc. Anyway, another option is to remove the entire mirror / flap assembly. This sounds harder but in fact it is really simple. See the pics below, they are held on by 4 clips. I gently slipped a credit card behind the top outer edge of the unit pushed down whilst gently pulling the unit forward. Once one clip releases you’re home and dry. Once the unit is off the bulbs are simple to replace. I’m not saying this is a better option that going in via the plastic covers but it’s an alternative. Big shout to @Mr Watton for his practical demo of this!




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While I remember - this helped me with the main map lights in the roof console. 



I took the whole console off, but if you prepare in advance with bulb tweezers or a 9 mm vaccum or rubber hose you’ll not need to remove the console.

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So. I finally got the bulbs in. Here is what I learnt:

  • The bulbs you need are type T5
  • If the bulbs don't come on, try the bulb in the holder in the reverse, so 'upside down'. Many LED bulbs are 'sided'
  • You don't need the holder. Pull the old ones out directly and push the new ones in. As with all bulbs, don't touch them with your bare hands. If you do, wipe them with alcohol before you fit them. 
  • When you refit the mirror assembly offer the TOP EDGE in first. There is a little actuating arm which activates a micro switch to switch off the lamps when you close the visor. This is easily damaged
  • It's well worth the effort



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