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Last Minute Run Out 01/12/19

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Right folks, last minute I know.


Who fancies joining us for a run out on Sunday Morning ? 


We will meet at McDonalds Metro Centre and aim to leave there for 9:30 so probably meet for 9.

from there we will follow a route of my choice (probably up into the Wear valley and probably into Northumberland for lunchtime/early afternoon (goodness knows just depends on the weather and general chat time).

We will end up somewhere for Sunday Lunch.  This is the latter part of Si's stag weekend so will depend on current health status following the previous days antics as to how far we go. Please edge on the side of caution and arrive with a full tank of fuel.







Andy (probably)



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18 minutes ago, Kettlepot said:

Good to meet you too


Shame some of the roads were a bit questionable (icy)


Well all part of the fun 😂


Just now, LewisE said:

Good to meet you @Kiddkaos


I trust you got home alright? 


I did indeed,  will check up on coolant level in the morning before work.  Big thanks to FOMroadside assistance 

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