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Black smoke from exhaust..

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Another day, another problem. Is that the norm for owning a N14 engined MINI? 🤣

Anyway, a guy from work 'chased' me up the A184 today. When we pulled into the car park at work he told me that when I put my foot down (I didn't change down from 6th but had my foot on the floor) there was a puff of black smoke from the exhaust. He compared it to what you see from a diesel with a bad remap. 

I asked him if he was sure it was black or whether it might have been blue. He confirmed it to be black so I'm writing off any theories that oil may be burning off from somewhere. 

Anyone else had a problem like this? And what were the causes? 

The car is booked in at MINI Sunderland next week to be walnut blasted so I'm hoping that it might just be case of her being clogged up with carbon (that might explain the lack luster performance and rough-ish idling, too). 

I also had the HPFP replaced under warranty when I bought the car at the start of the year as a matter of caution, so I'm not anticipating there being a fuelling issue. 


Any help/advice would be much appreciated! I'd hate to think I'm driving around puffing black smoke everywhere 😣

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Black smoke is generally a bad fuel air mix. Being a diesel owner, I would assume the black smoke you’re experiencing is symptomatic of a decile requirement.

blue smoke (as you say) is oil related

white smoke is water related

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On 21/05/2018 at 12:51, Kettlepot said:

Black smoke is generally a bad fuel air mix. 

Thought as much. Most likely overfuellig for some reason? 

On 21/05/2018 at 14:17, Mr Watton said:

Decoke will help, and probably a set of plugs depending when they were last changed? 

The plugs were only done last year. Might replace them with some 'better' ones after the decoke just be sure. 

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