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Early Bird Hartside Blast - 31st July 2016


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For the hardcore amongst us (or just me lol) I'm planning a early morning blast up to Hartside. I'll also have a good friend of mine who'll be bringing his camera up, for photo sessions along the way (and back) and possible detours down the other side of Hartside etc etc. Be a good morning for it.

Meet point will be Westerhope McDonalds 7am, and a good run up with I'm hoping very many empty roads [emoji1]




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How fast of a blast are we talking I could be up for this in the five?

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As fast as you like lol

Haha well I'm in then... asking incase it was fast as the mx-gay isn't fast at all struggles to 70 haha

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What a day! I enjoyed every single second of it.

Right from the off, Maccies to keep us going, Ian dodging red sauce, dodging Police in X5s, dodging squirrels, dodging badgers, dodging potholes, dodging birds, I think we all dodged everything that was thrown at us haha.

Thanks to Thomas (who forgot his camera but i brought my own for him to play with), we hope we have shown you some MINI fun along the way, and showing how us MINI owners do it FULLON style. Thanks to Ian for his brilliant "twisty up and down" run back home, thank you Matt for feedback from the rear of my MINI lmfao, and thank you Marc for the banter and support as always :D

Heres a selection of pics for your viewing pleasure.....

castle1.pngcastle1.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/castle1.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside1.pnghartside1.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside1.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside2.pnghartside2.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside2.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside3.pnghartside3.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside3.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside4.pnghartside4.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside4.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside5.pnghartside5.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside5.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside6.pnghartside6.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside6.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside7.pnghartside7.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside7.png' alt='URL>'>

hartside8.pnghartside8.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/hartside8.png' alt='URL>'>

earlybird1.pngearlybird1.png"><a href=http://www.fullonminis.co.uk/earlybird1.png' alt='URL>'>

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