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Steering wheel slip ring

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Does anyone know if there is a different slip ring when changing between 2 spoke mfsw to a 3 spoke mfsw ? When looking all seem to be advertised as a one slip ring fits all but I thought I'd heard somewhere that you need to change it ????????


Also anyone able to tell me the correct procedure for disconnecting airbags (so I don't bruise my face !!!)


Many thanks

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All sorted, you can use the same slip ring. I disconnected my battery the night before (for good measure), did not turn the ignition on (good advice from Si) contrary to previous advice and all sorted, no explosions and no warning lights.

Just had to wait for the outside temp sensor to re adjust and sort itself out !

a4345dedb140a69c09fcdf65206677e5.jpg08 ... 6677e5.jpg"><a href=http://tapatalk.imageshack.com/v2/14/08/21/a4345dedb140a69c09fcdf65206677e5.jpg' alt='URL>'>

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