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Hey guys, so my speedo has finally gone all knackered on me.


The problem seems to be getting to speed and then the speedo wont drop back down.... so for example, if im doing 60 the speedo sticks at 60. it was a much greater number, but over the months, its been dropping, now im at about 60-70mph and i have to pull over and reset the speedo by going into settings. and when I stop completly, it can say im doing 30mph. Then pulling off at 30mph thinking it 0mph and so forth.


Its a great pain in the back side, but i was told a while back by a garage (whos like the family mechanic) it would be the speedo itself and will need replacing at an excess of £300+.


My question is........ could it just be the speedo cable. I definatley can't afford a new speedo, and is a speedo cable is much cheaper?

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They must of had some inside help as MINI have said they won't code a 2nd hand speedo as its coded to another car as new :/

I tried to get as much info out of the guy I spoke to and he said I maybe able to seperate the speedo and tacho part as its only the speedo needle that sticks.

I asked on a price of a new unit from MINI and the guy said it was £450 inc vat. And not including fitting etc.

Really need some help from anybody who knows anything about this situation. I can't afford £500+ for a speedo unit.

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So the speedo is probably coming out at the end of the month. I have googled loads to find a definitive "how to" guide.

All i know is that there are 2 screws at the top of the speedo ( by the hazard button and dash light dimmer upper button), and maybe a screw on the bottom somewhere under the dash, from there i pull at the bottom of the speedo unit? ..... is that hey presto? or is that completely wrong?

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