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I'd take the rubbers off. On my R50 they came off no problem at all. I did replace my rubber ones with the JCW ones, but they had rubber backs and fit the same as the original rubber ones, although I seem to recall the throttle pedal was the full unit. Its probably best to disconnect it and take it out the car than do it in situ

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Because the JCW set comes with the complete electronic throttle assy ;)


Jah, for sure. I was just looking at the back of that one though and it looks like it slides over something. Being floor mounted thought it might be easier to dismantle oot the car tha knarrs ;)

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Pedal covers arrived today, managed got the Accelerator pedal done without too many problems although space to fit in a socket was very tight. Struggling to drill the other pedals snapped 2 drill bits already, these pedals are made from some tough shit !!!

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