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Passenger Seat

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Now then


The passenger seat in our R53 will not run forward when the paddle is pushed down at the side of it, which folds the back forward and usually slides the seat forward to allow rear passengers to get in the back. The back folds forward only and to slide the seat forward we then have to lift the handle under the seat. To put it back to it's original position it needs a good heavy shove as opposed to a push and it will slide back and the back of the seat sits up into it's starting position. I imagine it's just a cable that has come disconnected or perhaps some lubrication needed.


Can anyone point me in the right direction :-


Has anyone had this happen to them and did you manage to sort it yourself ? and if so, how ?


Can I sort it with the seat in situ ?


If not, what is the best, easiest way to get the seat out, (so I can have a look) to remove the seat and the floor rails it runs on, as one ? I can see 4 star drive bolt heads in the rails, are these the only ones I need to remove ?


Any help gratefully accepted :D



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I've seen this happen a few times now and from what I've seen the only way forward is with a new seat :(

Your right on the four torx bolts; there's the airbag wire to disconnect too but make sure the ignition is off and key out when removing and reinstalling, this should stop the airbag warning light coming on and staying on

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