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  1. I always think this is a shame. I prefer the Rowan Atkinson philosophy whereby a special car is built to be driven no matter the value or hit on depreciation as he did with his McLaren F1. Went to Mad4Mini one year and they had two GP1's in for some upgrades. I was chuffed to see two and took loads of photos. Actually helped the Mini bug too. So basically, given the cash i'd get the GP3 and drive the thing every single day modding as i wished.
  2. Welcome and nice first car. Nicer than my first car, a £600 mondeo which was broken...
  3. GP3 for me. I like the fact it's a bit more out there, that's the point of a proper limited edition model !!
  4. I went to the one just recently with the Mini on stand with Yorkshire Minis. Was a good show and plenty of cars but my god was the organisation of the entry useless annoyingly. Stood about for hours outside of the car waiting to just get inside...
  5. Don't worry, i'm silently listening into the conversation smug in the knowledge you'd both be seeing my fumes.
  6. Where did you get that little blue bit of vinyl from? Car looks mint by the way!!
  7. I love spotlights and had some on my old R53 checkmate. I've been keeping an eye out for some but they're not cheap unfortunately.
  8. I like the stripes if i'm honest. I did black out the grill and headlight surround but went back to chrome after i realised i actually prefer it. I'm clearly a heathen. And Minibean, you are correct. Edited my profile.
  9. Hello and thanks for the warm welcome. Happened across your FB group and i prefer forums so thought i'd register. This is the daily and i'm based near Driffield East Yorkshire so will be on the look out for any local'ish runs.
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