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  1. I love a good bit of movie cheese! 🧀
  2. What’s the best stuff to use on small stone chips on the bonnet please? Sorry to hijack your thread, kinda related...
  3. Ah shame I live the other end of the country then! You’d probably beat me @Kettlepot to be fair, purely based on your dedication to motors and that, plus the backing of the boss - but you never know 😉. Sorry James, I’ve taken over your thread a bit lol!
  4. Thanks Kettlepot. I’d rather them on with the headlights, will look into it. Btw You’re on for a minikart race. Last bunch I beat were a load of Royal Marines who weren’t chuffed a girl beat them all 😂😂
  5. So I’ve unintentionally bought myself a cooper that’s pretty similar - if you squint - to the blue one in the 2003 movie. I’m not a racing demon but I used to ride motorbikes and finding myself wondering about my new car’s capability 😂. How much are these minis modified in the movie? Also I think they are the r56 and I have the chunkier f56 - the nose pains me but it’s ‘pedestrian friendly’. Also I have to say I only have the cooper, no sport or above. I’m definitely getting rally spots, I put premium fuel in cos it sounds better, might be better? What advice for the novice?! (Be nice.. I’m no racing driver or mechanic, BUT in my favour I’ve won every go-kart comp I’ve been in, I like driving lol)
  6. Ah I wasn’t correcting you, just mine is deep blue and I like electric (potentially more but there weren’t any about) .. how much are the spotlights /rally lights? Do you go eBay or mini for them? I’m thinking I need these.
  7. So a week in and I’ve learnt 1) no one waves back in minis 2) I’m loving racing off lights 3) seagulls & their sh*t love my white roof 😂
  8. Yay, snap .. except yours is electric blue I think? Nice!
  9. Have you seen this one? It’s a still from this vid. The end tho 🙌 https://youtu.be/b8MdAA0ngf0
  10. Also just entered the devon legendary grand tour. For kicks!! Will be ace seeing all the classics too. I’ll be getting ideas... Got to save for the rally lights first!! 👌 Think you guys are based mostly up north?
  11. Thanks for the advice btw! 👍
  12. Sounds like a plan. I would have said I’m not too bothered by performance but having just razzed it around a few country roads I can see the appeal! Blimey, I’ve never had a car that has a throaty rev! .. Or speed... Or that is the coolest car on the roads 😬
  13. And one just before I drove home with its mates at the garage 👍
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