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  1. Yeah buzzing it’s a cracking car few bits missing but can live without them
  2. Yeah thanks mate so many good memory’s think we first met a bassets pole think you had a polo g60 back then. Sals buzzing yeah it’s been tough still is but making the most of a bad situation and using my mobility to get back in a mini.
  3. Hi guys back on the scene after a small break originally had one of the first modded gen 1 one’ds in the country my car was used by k&n and viper to create the right filters. Happy to advise on gen 1 diesel options. had a break from minis due to having a young family andwork/recession issues. Collect our countryman this Wednesday sort of making good of a bad situation diagnosed with a brain tumour last may so I’ve had to surrender my licence and sell the family car Skoda superb Lauren and Kreme estate. My wonderful wife has worked so hard and has passed her tes
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