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  1. Sorry guys, flood situation in new house so can't make it 😭. Hopefully get to the next one. Was really looking forward to that as well.
  2. We're booked for the 3 days..really looking forward to it, looks such fun. (Til the car blows up 😥🤣)
  3. Oooh..we're up for this...maybe 1 or 2 minis MOT depending. 🙏🙏
  4. Thanks for the welcome....I've just recruited the hubby to join as well...so dark silver R53 should be along soon 🤗
  5. Sounds good, as long as we're home for 2ish, theres 2 of us, R52 and R53....where you got in mind?
  6. We're booked for the Mini splash dash in may at Keilder, anyone here going to that? Looks like good fun 😁
  7. I could be up for it if it's not too long, typical, saturday off this week and some selfish person has a birthday party in the afternoon 🙄. Missed the hartside run as I was working.
  8. Hi everyone, been a member of the facebook group for a while after seeing a few of you at Bowes show. I'm a member of another Mini club local to me but looking forward to catching up with people who love modern MINIs just as much as the older mini minis. 👋 I drive a purple R52 Cooper S.
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