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  1. @Kettlepot Hello and thanks! I haven't got any plans at the moment, as it's on a finance plan I haven't thought about modifying it, don't really keep my cars long enough, and its money I won't get back should I trade it in. However, I am thinking of seeing this car through, to own it after four years and may consider the front spotlights and black some of the chrome.
  2. Just recently traded this car in for a 3-Door, here was my White Silver 5-Door Cooper S at Ynyslas Nature Reserve, Wales, February 2017
  3. Got a Hatch! Using Chrome on a desktop, but can't seem to click and vote.
  4. Thank you! 🙂
  5. My new toy! Picked it up from MINI Soper Lincoln on 21/09/2018 - JCW Aero Kit, DCT Auto with Black Track Alloy Wheels.
  6. Hello! New to the forum and thought I'd say "Hi!". Previously owned a MINI Cooper S 5-Door, 6-Speed Manual, in White Silver and very recently traded that in and got a 3-Door Coopers S with the new DCT Automatic Gearbox (on a four-year finance plan). As it's just me I didn't really need the space of a 5-Door and found the manual gearbox hard work on my daily commute. Aim to have a few adventures with the 3-Door, complete in Melting Silver with the JCW Aero Kit...looks and drives smart (picture attached)!
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