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  1. Yeah I’m out for this one. Too far really and I’ve already done the Oxford plant tour.
  2. Yup I thought that too @LewisE I’ll go where the most FOM folk go. That makes it for me. Geordie one seems a win being close so long as it’s not too small
  3. Thought I’d add this little nugget in. so I guess not strictly a mod but I was really pleased with the outcome. I wanted a dash cam to look as subtle as possible so as not to spoil the MINIs great interior. With a hard wire kit which requires no splicing I was super happy with the result. It has literally been fit and forget.
  4. Last one for today is my LED side lights and number plate lights. Matches the factory LED rears and front Xenons nicely.
  5. Hi all. I recently installed a belt line kit and learnt a couple of things which may help others. 1 - the kits from SMPS2012 are great quality. I messed up one panel and there was plenty left to re-do it. 2 - clean the belt line first with alcohol. 3 - temperature - if it’s not over 10 degrees, warm the chrome up with a hairdryer first. 4 - do not apply heat to the vinyl while you are applying it. It will stretch and thus become too narrow. 5 - start with easy panels like the short A panel section then the door. 6 - after fitting, warm with a hairdryer and push out the bubbles. 7 - use a sharp Stanley knife to trim the ends. Cut about 1mm longer than you think you need. If you cut it exact, you’ll probably see a tiny bit of chrome. 8 - on the curves as you apply the vinyl you’ll get bubbles. Don’t panic - push them out using a hair dryer. 9 - on each panel do say 5 cm then check that your height is correct. On some panels you line up the top of the vinyl exactly with the joint between the chrome and top rubber. On other panels the entire chrome trim is a slightly different height. As such to ensure the bottom of the vinyl wouldn’t encroach beyond the belt line I had to line the top of the vinyl slightly above the chrome. 10 - the vinyl is pretty forgiving. You can pull it off a couple of times and you can get away with it. 11 - apply a little at a time and continually check the height and straightness. 12 - make sure all water is out of the belt line first. My rear one seemed to hold a little trapped water for a day after washing. Hope this helps someone. Thanks. Kai.
  6. Another tiny mod was the ‘S’ badge on the grill, which I think adds a little colour to the front.
  7. I’ve also recently done a full LED interior bulb install which I am very pleased with indeed.
  8. @Mr Watton obviously they don’t stay black for long on the braking surface. What is good however is the non braking surface black finish is expected to last 5 years. Means no rusty looking hubs. I’m pleased with the discs.
  9. I recently did a full brake job on the car. EBC dimpled and grooved discs. EBC green stuff pads. MOTUL RBF 660 fluid. Abs system bled. New bleed screws all round plus one new disc retaining screw. New front wear sensor. Very impressed with the results.
  10. Ha ha maybe @LewisE. We will see I really should have put a thread on here at the beginning, since I’ve done a few odds and ends. Might even retrospectively add what I’ve done like the LEDs and so on. We will see.
  11. Hi guys. Finally got my car dechromed and thought I’d show it off. I’m really pleased with it.
  12. Hi. Does anyone have experience of these? I really fancy one. Just wondering if any good. thanks.
  13. Hi All, No, I'm not selling my MINI, but a friend is looking to buy a 2016 (or thereabouts) F56 Cooper S and has asked me what to look for when buying. Apart from the known steering wheel / horn push issue and the basics (low miles, low former keepers, warranty, decent seller) I'm stumped. Can anyone help, or point me to decent on-line resources? Thanks in advance, Kai.
  14. You did indeed @Mr Watton - I came to your house and you did it. All of this is really interesting (more given I'm a total geek) - I'd certainly take you up on your offer of resetting the counter if you could ever spare the time.
  15. As per my other thread on a spongy brake pedal - ABS system now bled. I've yet to do a spirited drive with these brakes but certainly for regular driving they are far better than the brakes I had before (standard). Perhaps this is unfair given the old brakes were worn but nonetheless I'm happy. I'll post a final update after the next spirited drive.
  16. @Kettlepot so Dean had a go at disabling my bulb checks using Bimmercode and an OBD2. Whilst the car allowed him to disable some checks we still get the ping on startup. What I have noticed however is that so far we have no pings (or gongs to be specific) whilst on the move. I can live with one at startup. I'm running different LED side markers to the ones that I had originally which are a much tighter fit in the holders (the first set were crap) so I'm not really sure what's what. I still would appreciate you giving it the once over with whatever app you use to see if you can shed any light on it. In the meantime I'm back to LEDs and it looks so much nicer up front
  17. * UPDATE * My friendly local (Premier Vehicle Care - Newcastle) bled my ABS pump (diagnostic machine needed so probably not DIY) and problem solved. So interestingly the pedal doesn't feel a lot different to before, but just not quite as bad. However, the brakes are much better. The car just seems to stop quicker with much less effort. Interestingly, the issue I reported upon starting the engine and holding pressure on the pedal seems to remain, but the garage told me (as I think, @Mr Watton did also some time ago) that MINI's have some kind of relief valve on the system. This may explain the noted pedal drop. Hope this helps someone.
  18. Ps - you can replace the sensor without removing the calliper. Just a wheel off job. Maybe photograph the cable route before removal to aid refitting.
  19. Little update to this one. I’ve replaced the pad wear sensor today. It was the front one for me. The old one looked fine but the reset option was unavailable in the cars menu for the worn brake pads warning. Upon fitting the new sensor the reset option appeared and now I have no warning. Happy days. As for the brakes themselves it’s too early to say, given I have it booked in the garage this coming sat for bleeding of the ABS pump. Will post back with final verdict.
  20. Here are a couple of snaps for anyone wondering what LEDs look like in the MINI
  21. So. I finally got the bulbs in. Here is what I learnt: The bulbs you need are type T5 If the bulbs don't come on, try the bulb in the holder in the reverse, so 'upside down'. Many LED bulbs are 'sided' You don't need the holder. Pull the old ones out directly and push the new ones in. As with all bulbs, don't touch them with your bare hands. If you do, wipe them with alcohol before you fit them. When you refit the mirror assembly offer the TOP EDGE in first. There is a little actuating arm which activates a micro switch to switch off the lamps when you close the visor. This is easily damaged It's well worth the effort
  22. PS - I clambered under the car tonight at each corner, no sign of any leaks.
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