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  1. @f56_dan couldn’t agree more. Really need to see those arches in the flesh.
  2. Thanks @Mr Watton . I did read something about NCS Expert perhaps being capable but at the time it was only available on a windows platform. Having a Mac kind of stopped that idea. I could use a VM but I was worried about bricking part of the car so thought better of it. Now the bulb warning is at times so frequent it’s starting to rapidly move up my priority list. 😀
  3. @Kettlepot just picking this up. So I’ve had a bulb warning since I fitted LEDs which again were marketed as CANBUS ready. Initially it gonged once at start then no more. Now it does it at random, sometimes hardly ever, sometimes once every 5 mins. I want to disable bulb checking completely. Are you saying a simple app (plus I presume an OBD2 connector) can do this? I think @Mr Watton tried this on mine but the warning came back. Any advice would certainly earn people beers !
  4. Hmm. So @LewisE it was some time ago but stage 1 was going to give me 218 bhp I believe plus loads more torque. Sure with a rolling road was about £500. Don’t quote me though my memory may be failing me ha ha
  5. I’ve been before it’s excellent - https://www.arcadeclub.co.uk/leeds/
  6. Ah @Mr Watton this is EXACTLY what I was after. Thanks ever so much 👍
  7. Sorry I can’t make this one. Really fancied it too but I’m at Leeds playing geeky retro arcade games lol. Have a great time.
  8. Thanks @Mr Watton that’s great. I really fancy this. I may have to go to Canada with work but I’m thinking pay a bit extra for a hotel with a cancellation option. Also I’d probably head back the Sunday night when the show ends. It’s about 3 hours with a decent stop which should be ok. Just saves me a days leave. I’m deffo a maybe on this. I’ll confirm soon. Thanks.
  9. Oh no! I like totally want to watch MINIs racing. Guess though I’ll get to see that anyway if I attend MINI in the park eh @Mr Watton ? 😀
  10. I need to do one of these. Thanks for the early heads up @Mr Watton - forgive my ignorance but what's the rough itinerary? I guess when you mention hotels and time off work it is a weekend job? Do you guys travel down on the Friday night? Thanks.
  11. Thanks @Bornared I appreciate it. I just want to make sure that any pads I go for are not too hard for road use. Years ago I had M1144 ones on a car and they are almost dangerous.
  12. Great stuff. Thanks for this. Which pads did you go for ? I trust I'd need to go to MINI and buy new wear sensors ? Thanks for your help.
  13. @Bornared thanks for this. How are they under normal slow town type driving? Do you have any part numbers please ?
  14. @Bornared how did you find these brakes? I'm thinking of getting some. Cheers.
  15. Yes @Mr Watton given how relatively few MINIs were there I was surprised how many nice people came over to talk. A credit to the cars and the club. Thanks for your efforts Si 👍
  16. I did that also. Then drove to Newton Aycliffe. Now it's like I never did it. Hey presto ha ha. Wetherby services is a big place. Any idea where we'll meet ?
  17. Thanks @Mr Watton I'll pinch a little of your water then - assuming the big man upstairs doesn't dump a load down on us for free ha ha 🌧
  18. I’ll have to meet you guys at Wetherby services as I'll not be in Newcastle the night before. What's the general approach to cleaning the cars when we get there? Is water available? Cheers
  19. Thanks Simon, ticket purchased. Was a bit of a faff, not the best website mind ha ha. Looking forward to the show. Open to any suggestions on either a) waterless detailing gear or b) if we can get hold of any water. Thanks.
  20. I quite fancy this. @Mr Watton I'd be happy to chuck my car on the FOM stand if there is room. Probably need to take some detailing stuff to clean it upon arrival. I've not bought a ticket yet - do you think this needs doing soon?
  21. Cracked a disc! Wow. My fluid was changed by MINI last year actually. Yeah my issue is quite a puzzle. It might just be as simple as the fact that mine need to be warm to work better but I just don't know. @Mr Watton I think actually when we looked you said whilst they weren't knackered they were significantly worn meaning the pedal would need to travel more to operate them. Last year MINI said discs and pads needed changing then independent said they did not. It's all a big puzzle but I'm reluctant to put in a 5.1 unless I can be sure I can get one that won't damage seals etc. I thought a JCW would have 5.1 in as standard but I was wrong. I'm half tempted now to just buy a small bottle of dot 4 and bleed mine to see if there is any air in there.
  22. Thanks. I may indeed upgrade discs and pads although many moons ago I had M1144 pads on (a previous car) and they were terrible unless you were racing. At town speeds they were almost dangerous - presume a hard compound. I'd probably go for drilled and grooved discs too but perhaps standard pads. I feel like there may be air in the system as they are inconsistent. For example, I once left a car park with cold car, pulled out and had to stop immediately for the lights. I was doing like 15 mph. They were terrible, like a spongy pedal. Then for the rest of the trip they were back to normal. Given the bubbling paint I mentioned I presume the fluid will have gotten hot. But then again I'm no mechanic!
  23. Following a recent spirited drive down from Hartside I've noticed my brakes aren't what they should be. At the time the brakes stank and when I safely pulled over the hammerite I'd applied to the hub part of the disc (obviously not the braking surface ) was bubbling, so I think a lot of heat was generated. As the brakes are rather inconsistent now I presume I've boiled the brake fluid. I'd like to try putting 5.1 in but as always there are mixed views of whether you should, you could damage seals and so on. Has anyone done this and if so, can you please recommend a brand? Thanks.
  24. Here's a couple of snaps which I took on the run.
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