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  1. Thanks @Kettlepot I might just do that.
  2. @Kettlepot thanks for this, that is really helpful. From what I read, people seem to use spacers more when they have coil overs, which I don’t. To be honest now you’ve mentioned the point about the dirt, that’s swung it for me. I like my car mint and this would probably lead to more stone chips. The car handles well as-is so I think I’ll leave it. I’m quite worried about rubbing. Also when I washed it last night I looked at the stance (never really paid much attention before) and the wheels aren’t set in that that much anyway. Thanks for the advice I really appreciate it.
  3. Hello guys, I've been reading about wheel spacers. They seem like a good way to further improve the car's cornering ability, and make it look a little better. Has anyone used them? If so, I'd appreciate people's thoughts on them. I'm running stock suspension, bar Eibach springs. I don't want it to rub, but it would be nice to widen the stance. I've no idea what mm to choose, and at over £100, with the new longer bolts I can't really be trying different ones; need to get it right first time. Thanks. Kai.
  4. I got the cover direct from Lloyds - way cheaper than eBay. It should have had one there from day 1. It's the little touches that make the difference IMHO.
  5. Man you guys are too good! Always thought mine was missing but then realised the rear holder never came with one. Never really liked that so just over £6 and it’s sorted.
  6. Today’s challenge: spot the super subtle mod 😀
  7. That looks great. Do you use any products to achieve this?
  8. This is really coming on nicely @LewisE like you, I was shocked at what a difference the dechrome makes. Get your hand in your pocket and get some lowering springs bought. 😀
  9. Just thought I’d update this one. I went to my trusted garage and they contacted BMW who promptly advised that no such kit is available. The garage advised that they would not recommend fitting non genuine parts into such a nice car 😊 I’m going to take everyone’s advice and leave well alone. Thanks for your help guys.
  10. Hi All. Whilst looking through my service schedule with regards my coolant I noticed a symbol for fuel filter change in the service book which got me thinking. From doing some research it seems BMW believe this is a lifetime item on a petrol engine. What are people’s thoughts? Do people change them? Seems cheaper than replacing a fuel pump. thanks.
  11. I’ve been really pleased with the remap I had done by http://www.remappingnewcastle.co.uk. Great service and great price.
  12. Just to update this thread - I got my remap done and I’m very pleased with the results. I went with http://www.remappingnewcastle.co.uk.
  13. Thanks @Kettlepot I guess if there was HGF I’d know about it in some way. The car runs like a dream. I’ve checked my service history and it’s never been changed. Interestingly a coolant change isn’t even on the schedule. Post lockdown I’ll have this changed. Thanks.
  14. Hi guys. I was doing my checks today and noticed my coolant isn’t a great colour. Is this a bad sign ? It doesn’t smell bad and the car runs fine but I was a little worried. Come to think of it I’m not sure when it was last changed. Do you think it just needs changing or is there something more sinister going on? Thanks.
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