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  1. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Looks great @LCWElvin looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. You'll be pining for warmer weather although I've been known to have my sun roof open in December ha ha
  2. Hi, So I'm looking into potentially fitting a JCW kit on my 2013 MCS. I'm trying to work out if only the 2010 on front bumper (the one with the extra piece which results in a vertical line between the lamps) will fit, or if I could get away with fitting the earlier 1 piece one. Has anyone any idea? Thanks in advance, Kai.
  3. Kai2k

    Happy New Year - 2019

    Happy New Year all - I look forward to shows, meets and hopefully some drives.
  4. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Cracking pics @LCWElvin wouldn't mind getting out for a drive like that myself. Your motor looks very well.
  5. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @LCWElvin let's see a pic of them on the car. I do need to see your car in the flesh, do you live local (Newcastle) ?
  6. I don't but I'll ask for all 3 stage prices and bhp figures which I'll post on here. I'm interested in stage 1 - if my insurance increase is not prohibitive I'll be getting it done ASAP.
  7. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @LCWElvin that looks cracking!
  8. I called BTG today for a quick chat, they seemed very nice, friendly people. I'm going to pop down on Saturday morning and go over options and prices.
  9. Hi Guys, I'd like to investigate the possibility of some minor tuning to my motor. I don't know if it's more in my head than anything else but I like the idea of having a 200bhp car. Mine i believe is 184 and a quick search on line suggests a phase 1 remap will give me 210bhp. Has anyone done this? I'm really looking for any advice on if it's worth it, assuming no other mods. I presume with a low power increase the stock exhaust, intercooler and so on will cope ok. I'm getting a K n N panel filter and she now has Eibachs but I'm not really wanting to upgrade the brakes etc, purely due to the cost involved. Also having the Aisin flappy paddle semi auto I need to think about it's ability to cope with the extra oomph although I recall the JCW (2013) being available with this box. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kai.
  10. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @LCWElvin that really is looking top drawer. I wish you'd stop posting pics as it's giving me ideas for mine 🤣 When you've finished it I'm going to be cheeky and ask you for a rough guide on total costs as this will drive my decision.
  11. Kai2k

    K n N panel filter - worth it?

    Thanks guys. Think I'll get one ordered. 👍
  12. Hi All, Just idly browsing, saw these, wondering if the £60 or thereabouts is worth it? Will I see any benefit to my N18 MCS? I currently have no engine mods. Thanks in advance.
  13. Kai2k

    S Grill badge - decent quality?

    @LCWElvin thanks - I'm going to put a little video on my channel but after painstakingly painting the plate black (it arrived silver) I realised that the hole I chose to put the bolt through was small and as such I just used a couple of washer and dispensed with the plate completely
  14. Kai2k

    S Grill badge - decent quality?

    Got the badge fitted yesterday. I'm really happy with it.
  15. Kai2k

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @LCWElvin looking great buddy 👍

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