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  1. Here's a couple of snaps which I took on the run.
  2. What a cracking run. Super turn out. Excellent driving and excellent company. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great event. I had a very Pheasant time (chortle). My car is 'back to normal' already 😂 #needtogetalife.
  3. Looking forward to this. Had a little warm up run tonight up to Hartside, car performed brilliantly. Unfortunately I er, found the limits of my brakes : bubbling Hammerite - oops 😂
  4. Like I say the Brum dealer had machine polished (or 'mopped' as they call it) the car twice but the fading wouldn't budge. If your car has no clear coat you'll be golden but if it has, beware. Also as a Brucie Bonus the stripes removal exposed a very light knife mark in the bonnet, parallel with one of the stripe edges. I believe the stripes were there from new but I guess this was just bad luck. Real shame for that car as it was otherwise lovely with 9,000 miles on the clock.
  5. @LCWElvin I'd think twice if I were you on removing the stripes. Before I viewed mine I looked at a black one in Brum. It had white stripes which weren't to my taste. I told the dealer this long before arranging a viewing and they said they would remove them without obligation to buy. When I viewed the car you could see a mile away where they'd been. Of course all paint fades but it was brand new where the stripes had been and being under the clear coat it couldn't be buffed out. Probably worse on black but worth thinking about. I guess if you removed them and had this issue you could just fit some more but if you are undecided maybe it's worth leaving them be.
  6. @Mr Watton I concur that for a 5..95 it certainly does impress - a true ASBO edition that clearly is an angry little blighter! They needn't have bothered fitting a stereo as the engine and exhaust note are a true musical instrument. Of course some may read this and get the wrong impression; have no fear @Littleredhead all speed limits were strictly obeyed on the drive out , weren't they @Mr Watton ?
  7. Perhaps! I need to see what mine is worth in part ex. It may come to nothing but it doesn't hurt to look. Such a shame it has the leather. @Kettlepot my seats are the standard MCS LCI half leathers - they'd match the rest of the JCW trim as it has everything else the same as mine, such as the colour line. My seats are mint too, only 35k on them. Given I've nowhere to store a set of seats I'd be tempted to take the hit on the value loss. I"d be keeping it for a long time so it needs to be right. Thanks for the heads up at least I know its do-able, albeit a bit of a faff.
  8. Thanks Simon that's relay helpful. Thinking I might be able to do a deal with a dealer - he keeps the leather I keep my mint half leathers. We will see 👍
  9. Hi all. So as some of you know I often get 'jcw envy' . As such I keep lurking on the auto trader and now and again see nice JCW's which fit the bill bar they have leather - I prefer cloth. I was just wondering how difficult it is to swap over seats ? Principally it's just bolts but I know nothing about the air bags. Anyone done this ? Is there any coding involved ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Absolutely gutted I can't make this as I'll be abroad! I'll try to get to some others though.
  11. Could do with a blast out myself. I work weekdays so I only have weekends or evenings free. Be nice to get a coffee and donuts evening sorted too @Mr Watton 😁
  12. Looks great @LCWElvin looking forward to seeing it in the flesh. You'll be pining for warmer weather although I've been known to have my sun roof open in December ha ha
  13. Hi, So I'm looking into potentially fitting a JCW kit on my 2013 MCS. I'm trying to work out if only the 2010 on front bumper (the one with the extra piece which results in a vertical line between the lamps) will fit, or if I could get away with fitting the earlier 1 piece one. Has anyone any idea? Thanks in advance, Kai.
  14. Happy New Year all - I look forward to shows, meets and hopefully some drives.
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