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  1. Yup its funny how often tyres are overlooked yet they should be the starting point for a performance upgrade. Yup the tyres don't seem to want to let go - very very good in the wet. Moving on from run flats mind I didn't notice the ride to be any softer or less road noise, contrary to what people say. Don't forget your can of puncture repair
  2. +1 for this. My flat bottomed wheel is one of my favourite mods. Car feels a lot more sporty. @LewisE I’m really liking the look of your car. The black hoops really finish it off. I’m pleased that you got the screens back in too, I’m a big fan of these. Makes the car look more premium. Good job !
  3. Thanks @Mr Watton I’ve got to say, that wheel and my recent top of the range wheel alignment make the car feel the best it’s ever felt. It feels much more sporty to drive. Also a big shout out to my Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres. A really good mod that really makes the car handle much better. Just so much grip.
  4. I’m currently feeling a little guilty about my car temporarily being used as a builders van. Got the architrave cut to size and it still would not fit. 😅
  5. I think you are correct @Kettlepot - mine has the same arrangement. It releases the blank or a cradle, if fitted.
  6. Nice. Subtle but very effective.
  7. Welcome @bazaR56 - hope to see some pics of your car soon 👍
  8. Looking really good there @LewisE those springs look fantastic. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.
  9. Doing iOS development, but thinking about MINIs ha ha
  10. Thanks @LewisE will be great to meet up when we can safely. I’m looking forward to seeing your latest acquisition 👀
  11. Thanks @Kettlepot I cheated really getting Premier to do it but I’m only ever doing it once. i hope we meet up soon, ‘Rona permitting 👍
  12. Also had the old girl machine polished. I’m really pleased with the results. I now know how to wash a car properly, have proper kit and am nowhere near a clay bar 👊 so hopefully she should stay nice.
  13. @Kettlepotthat looks sick!
  14. R56 LCI front splitter for sale. Used. All clips in order. £65
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