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  1. R56 LCI front splitter for sale. Used. All clips in order. £65
  2. Good job @Kettlepot I’m looking forward to hearing the verdict of this. Hopefully see it in the flesh soon.
  3. Alas I cannot make this. I’m at Leeds for a stag do, for a wedding that is now postponed. Hotels and train non refundable sadly. See you on the next one. Enjoy.
  4. So halos- presume you mean the chrome rings inside the headlights. That’s a no from me. Not taking those apart. Exhaust ? Yup have thought of this but even the JCW Carbon tips have silver on so I’d not get much for my £150. Fog / reverse lights. Are these available black line ?
  5. Ha ha - I’m not touching the inside at all. I’m fine with it. Don’t like removing trim really. Trying to keep her rattle free.
  6. @Kettlepot latest mod gets rid of a little more - badge wings are now covered.
  7. Ha ha @Kettlepot there’s still a few slithers of chrome to do - the wings on the front and rear MINI badges; gloss black covers are en -route. My little S badge on the grill is also to be replaced with one that has a gloss black edging. That still leaves the exhaust tips. Hmmmm. Do I get the carbon works ones @£150?
  8. Today’s mod: black line rear lamps and side repeaters.
  9. 2 tyres for sale. Dunlop Sport SP 01 run flats. 205 45 17 84v size. 7 mm tread. £100.
  10. I’ve not tried them properly. Will know more on Friday and I’ll report back.
  11. That will look epic @LewisE
  12. Subtle but worthy mod today. Took the good advice from @Mr Watton and @LewisE and got 4 Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres fitted to the old girl. Bye bye run flats. Have to say yet another top job from my friendly local Premier Vehicle Care in Newcastle. Perfect job with no issues at all.
  13. Today’s tiny little mods - black rear badge and front indicator bulbs which don’t look orange.
  14. Ooh that was a little while ago but I think £3-400.
  15. Some cracking snaps there Dan! You are more than welcome to snap my motor when we next get out.
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