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  1. That’ll be Jake Harris
  2. @Mr Watton you could always be an Abarth fwend and use Donnas?
  3. Is the ‘Steven’ on the list me? if not then I’m there with bells on...and in either an Audi or and Abarth!
  4. Seeing as my non-Mini(thanks Si😢) is in the body shop til whenever, I wasn’t fancying rocking up in a Jaguar XF diesel but my son has said I might be able to use his Abarth! So I might just be coming after all! Plus it’ll be funny coz Abarth North East are there too but I’ll be hanging with the Minis😈
  5. I’m gonna try and make it so can catch up with you guys!😁
  6. Actually disregard this I have found the website order bookmark and it says I’ll receive a txt confirmation closer to time so I can send that to someone when I get it!
  7. Might have a problem coz I don’t seem to have any email receipt for it? i definitely bought it last week but no record of doing it!
  8. Ah nothing it’s just I’m not I can make it so I wouldn’t want to take a space But I might call up if I’m free
  9. Sorry Si but I can’t commit to the stand for this but I could still show my face and support 😢
  10. I did try to talk the young one into joining but what can I say..,, kids these days!! He did say he might shotgun but that’s more for the ladies than the lads!!
  11. I might try and talk my lad into coming seeing as not exclusively Minis? I will let you know ASAP Si but don’t hold a spot as I’m sceptical at best
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