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  1. Always up for a run out if it’s not my weekend at work
  2. Arh I’m actually in shock that u don’t know!?! I must be a proper Star Wars dweeb to assume people understood
  3. Sorry but I’m a bit excited at the new episode 9 teaser that’s just dropped! Anybody else?
  4. What a fantastic run out guys! Good see some of you again and great to meet some new people! Bring on the next one real soon👍
  5. But at least we’ll all be going a bit faster than usual 👍
  6. Me too and I’m not having breakfast in the morning as well 🤣
  7. Holy crap! It’s like Xmas eve eve eve eve! been checking weather and sorting car prep! Weather depending, my cat back on Friday plus an upgrade Diverter valve plus from the Hartside run, a short shifter, AEM intake and Forge IC to keep me near the back ;(!!!!! Forecast is it could be damp in the morning!? Another forecast said ‘who actually gives a flying.....duck!’
  8. I couldn’t orchestrate on my Mini what I hear when my lad starts up his cold starts on his Abarth Trofeo!? It is tuned filth! What a sound!😎
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