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  1. The only thing that is definitely happening is bringing a dirty car!! Fuffing weather man!🤬
  2. I’ll be there nice and early!! Breakfast on Si everyone!!!!!!
  3. I’m not fussed if they matched the backs tbh! My back seats haven’t been up for weeks coz never use them and leave down for golf clubs going in and out plus better noise! I would still go for just a drivers seat if one came up coz as usual it’s down to more expense and as you know there are quite a few things on the list before seats!!!
  4. Didn’t know they did rear GP2 seats Ian?🤣 I can agree and disagree on matching seats... i am considering buying just 1 bucket just for me as it’s my car!? wife only ever drove it 3 times and all occasions was definitely not by choice! Can’t delete rears just in case and wouldn’t without fitting strut brace which I cannot for golf clubs?!
  5. Never got to find out coz took them off and sold to @w08ral(Jonny Worrall) Good idea on paper but in reality..
  6. I can’t make it! My weekend in work as usual!!!! At least got Mega mini the weekend before!😀
  7. Strobing side repeaters😎 DDB6C947-66CF-4B0E-8EF5-732D09859B24.MOV
  8. I can’t make it as my weekend in at work! Id be happy with a Krispy Kreme catch up in the meantime anyone? 😢
  9. I used a tint spray on my rear lights and indicators! While on subject, I also know of those who run US spec trim for the reflectors as in Jamie Halliday!?
  10. I’m aware of guys using the US reverse light and fitting a red bulb so u have symmetry?
  11. Arh I’m actually in shock that u don’t know!?! I must be a proper Star Wars dweeb to assume people understood
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