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  1. essjay7272

    2019 Upgrade game is strong

    I’m not in his click yet but I’m getting there😉 and I’d be privileged honestly but if he sneezes then 11k followers are 1st in the queue for a Kleenex🤣
  2. essjay7272

    2019 Upgrade game is strong

    Starting this year off in a blaze of glory!!! AEM intake just fitted, subtlety better noise, noticeably better feels! Helix short shifter fitted by a friend, Jamie Halliday aka the Mini whisperer!🤩 It probably is THE best thing I’ve done to the car to date!!👌 Looking forward to seeing how much of a difference it’s all made on the next run out!
  3. essjay7272

    Run out ?? date TBC

    Cool thanks Simon Hopefully I can make it too!?
  4. essjay7272

    Run out ?? date TBC

    My apologies guys and gals but I’m no longer free tomorrow so although I suggested it, I can’t now actually go
  5. essjay7272

    Run out ?? date TBC

    I’m up for an early start and done by lunchtime ish?!
  6. essjay7272

    Run out ?? date TBC

    As it’s my weekend off I’m up for a blast out anywhere with anyone????
  7. essjay7272

    Hartside 29/12/18

    I’m in!
  8. essjay7272

    Kielder Run - 21st October

    I’m actually free for a change so I’d be interested
  9. essjay7272

    Help required- NOT ANYMORE

    Anyone free this weekend with skills to fit a decat to a R56 JCW? I’m in Gateshead but will obvs travel and when I say help, I mean pass the spanners, make the tea and pay for your time? DISREGARD THE ABOVE
  10. essjay7272

    Karting - Newcastle - Cancelled

    My plus 1 is defo not coming and I’ll know by Friday if that helps
  11. essjay7272

    DDB Detailing Coffee and drive - 30th September 5pm

    I can’t make it, tried alsorts to get away from work but as don’t finish til 7 it’s too late really
  12. essjay7272

    Karting - Newcastle - Cancelled

    Although I will need to check my +1 is still good
  13. Instagrams Supercarsofthenortheast guy Matthew Young has posted about a meet and drive out this Sunday 23rd starting at Spillers on quayside heading to Derwent reservoir! Is any fullonmini heard or thinking about it?
  14. essjay7272

    Karting - Newcastle - Cancelled

    I can do that 👍
  15. essjay7272

    DDB Detailing Coffee and drive - 30th September 5pm

    236.9 wants to follow you.. literally;) give me a shout about times and I’ll do my best to make it there!

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