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  1. That sounds good and we can grab a coffee somewhere nearby?
  2. 1pm on the 25th April! All welcome to watch and weep😢
  3. Got sorted to get my cat put back on AND get a Upgrade DV fitted next week! Car booked in at BTG next month for map tweak and I’ll get those figures posted ASAP
  4. So my current plan is that I’m putting my cat back on, mainly coz stage 2 isn’t happening anytime soon so I’m not living with the noise! I am gonna get an uprated DV( TTS one from Ebay) then I’m going back to BTG to have my stage 1 tweaked for the AEM and Forge Intercooler. Getting my wheels refurbished into gunmetal grey then I’m ready for 2019 meets and run outs!
  5. I’m good with just traveling on the Sunday morning?!
  6. I’m gonna have to rain check tomorrow night guys! unforseen event unfolded!!?
  7. I’m coming off nights so Wednesday is doable but not preferred.... Thursday is all good 👌🏼
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