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  1. Haven't done much this week, apart from change all the crappy paper speakers for something a bit better that I had kicking about from another mini based project (a classic one I've had for years, currently in storage). And swapped the head unit so now I have Bluetooth and stuff. Just been enjoying driving it really. Here's some token pics of all the bent stuff I've replaced https://i.imgur.com/klQNCzj.jpg' alt='URL>'> https://i.imgur.com/7nZ8I8R.jpg' alt='URL>'> https://i.imgur.com/g6rhNLH.jpg' alt='URL>'> And one of my other mini. https://i.imgur.com/NcM1oXD.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  2. Cheers guys. I think the budget side of things is not really going to work out too great!
  3. Paint wise, I'm thinking going Matt black below the belt line, and leave the roof as it is, with either gloss or Matt black on the chrome bits. Or keep it the same colour (both the same amount of work to do). Wheels either black, black with a polished lip or go for another colour such as lime green or orange. Mostly because I can't be bothered to change the colour on the log book. Opinions on the matter would be appreciated, it's going to be a little while before that gets done.
  4. Had the rear panels out at the weekend to swap out the rear speakers. Going to wait for a dryer, warmer day to do the dents as the paint is cracked so then I can get it painted up.
  5. Figured I'd better start a build thread. So I have. This is my r50 Cooper, with the JCW sound kit. Picked it up a few weeks ago for the massively expensive price of £350. So far I've replaced all the front joints and bushes, as they were all worn out. Also replaced the offside lower arm as it was bent after the previous owner tested his limits in the snow. Also replaced a rear control arm as that was mangled. Did all that and got the tracking done as it was atrocious, although not anywhere near as bad as when I drove it home after buying it (never going to do that again!). It's not perfect and there's still a few more bits to do on the rear suspension to get the toe correct but it drives nice and pretty straight, if a little noisy and vibey over 60. Will get some more pictures up when I can, but here's how it is now. https://i.imgur.com/GAYD5R0.jpg' alt='URL>'> https://i.imgur.com/5F32L3Y.jpg' alt='URL>'> https://i.imgur.com/XHoqHmK.jpg' alt='URL>'> https://i.imgur.com/28nXr6L.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  6. Will get a build thread started up soon. Going to try and keep it as budget focused as possible but there's so much nice shiny things I could buy instead
  7. Been using the Facebook group for a while and thought I'd better join in properly on here. I have an r50 Cooper with the jcw sound kit on it. It's a long term project car as I bought it last month for £350, off a family member who managed to hit both the offside wheels on a curb and subsequently bent most of the suspension. It's a budget build so most parts I've used so far have either been from the breakers yard or ebay, though there's a few special parts such as poly bushes which were definitely needed! So far I've spent £850 which includes the car, two tyres, four wheel alignment, front poly bushes, all the ball joints, front lower arm, and rear control arm plus genuine nuts and bolts, just to make life easier (angle grinders are more fun than spanners). There's a bit more to do on the back as the rear toe is miles off so probably take another trip to the breakers yard to grab a trailing arm and bracket, and more poly bushes. Still, it drives well enough for now. There's a load of dents on the offside quarter panel so those need to be dealt with in some way, plus paintwork on the bonnet, bumpers and quarter panel. That can wait for a sunny day (I quite fancy getting hold of an aero kit). It's probably going to end up Matt black with the roof left in it's cosmos black or go Matt white. And maybe get some new wheels on it, might splash out and get some nice ones, like the Rota rb's. Think I've said enough for now though!
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