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  1. Looks like a great little photo location! 😁
  2. I suppose I'll come along 😛 (Providing I'm not in the middle of a house move)
  3. Don't fall for it, she's luring you into a false sense of security! 🤣
  4. Looks like somebody is in trouble!! 🤣
  5. PUB PUB PUB! I'll come along providing I'm off work 😁
  6. You got some great feedback on Frank yesterday!
  7. Ah very good! A few of us are staying up in Stalmine so not too far for us to go in the morning 😁 Drive safe and see you tomorrow 👍🏻
  8. @Fruffy91Of course! If you're wanting to be on the stand with us have a look through the posts on this thread for where to meet and what time. Hope to see you there!
  9. The more the merrier! If you're driving down on the day there are a few people convoying. @kettlepot01 could probably advise 👍🏻
  10. I think I'm going to keep it simple and just go for springs
  11. Will you be joining us on the Club Stand, @Corasdad?
  12. @Corasdad welcome! I love how you've got your R53 😁
  13. Looks like I'm very hydrated then! 🤣
  14. Beading pics or it didn't happen @Mr Watton!
  15. I wasn't a member of that group 😲 just had a look and looks like there's some good interest 😁
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