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  1. @Mr Watton you have been busy! Hopefully the seal that wasn't fitted properly has put your ABS problems to bed! Frank looks great with his new radiator and intercooler; you should just run him with no front bumper to show it all off I'm loving that turbo blanket, too
  2. Good night for me, it's bed time! 😴 😴
  3. Looks good @Rob findlay. I'm a big fan of the E30!
  4. @f56_dan coilovers when I eventually get round to it and work/the weather allows 😳
  5. I got around to taking a few (crap) videos of the exhaust with the Milltek Sports Cat fitted. They are only shot from my phone but give you a rough idea of what it sounds like. I think it sounds like what a N18 JCW should have sounded like from the factory. VID_93150331_232344_857.mp4 MOV_5588_000_Trim.mp4
  6. I was going to say the same as Ian and say the arm rest before I went and looked at old interior pictures! It only comes from having owned three Gen 2s and knowing how much crap can collect around (and in) that screw head! Where did you purchase the cover from? I may need a couple of them...
  7. I think I do, though it may be purely psychological. I have noticed a small MPG increase though when using it. I'm wanting to! It's going to need a new shock on the front at some point this year so I'm waiting until I replace the front shocks to do the springs. Might as well do them all at the same time eh?
  8. Cover in the bottom of the cupholder? 🤔
  9. Had our first problem last week; an unexpected diesel leak. I think I covered most of the North East in VPower before it was fixed 🤦🏻‍♂️ lucky it is cheap at the moment 😳 There was a small hole in the fuel filter causing diesel to leak out and lie in the undertray. It made the problem look a lot more severe than it was as there were drips of diesel from back to front on the right hand side of the car! Luckily all it took was a new fuel filter and the car is now leak free. Also finally got round to putting some appropriate rubber on! With me not using the car over the past two months I hadn't taken off my winter tyre setup. I've got another set of alloys for the SD but they're in need of a refurb and some new rubber. For now I've put on the original wheels from the JCW. They've got pretty healthy tyres on so figured I'd use them before going out and buying four new ones (keeps the bank balance a bit healthier, too!) I do like the look of these wheels on a Cooper S but, if I were to run them as my permanent summer wheels I'd have to change the colour from black. (yes I know the filler cap still needs to be dechromed 🙃)
  10. Congratulations, Chris! That's great news 😊
  11. Been working full time so haven't had a lot of extra time. I have been out a couple of times in the Roadster though and managed to give the SD a full clean, polish and wax before I did the dechrome. Like you @Kettlepot I've started buying powertools, mainly because there aren't any car parts I want or need at the moment! I've been doing a lot of gardening as well!
  12. Welcome @Jovan, I'm sure I recognise your Bayswater from Instagram! Welcome to FullOnMINIs
  13. Awesome stuff @f56_dan. I absolutely love the way it sits now! You're on a slippery slope buying that intake.. before you know it it'll be booked in for a remap! 😛
  14. Looks great! I'm a big fan of that colour scheme 😊
  15. Welcome @Luke_McCartney_r56
  16. Hahaha yes @Kai2k I did mean that!
  17. That's one hell of a write up, @Kai2k! There will be trouble following that for anyone who is wishing to fit an Aero Kit. The car looks mega with the kit on, too 😊
  18. Looks really good @Kai2k you've totally transformed the car. It sits really well on those springs too. When/where did you get the remap done? You kept that one quiet! What is the car like to drive now then and what sort of figures did you get from a stage 1?
  19. Thought I'd create a build thread to show off a few of the bits I've been doing on my SD. I was originally going to leave it alone as it's only my daily driver but, me being me plus Lockdown boredom, that hasn't lasted long! I haven't got many plans for it - just subtle and hopefully cheap changes to make it a bit more personal to me. ^ This was the day after I got it home. I was very impressed with it on the run back from Edinburgh - it returned over 60 mpg which I was more than happy with!
  20. Any updates @Kai2k? I've noticed some *subtle* changed recently...
  21. Black with red always looks good on an R56; I'm looking forward to seeing it once it is done! I had my R59 booked in to get a few little black accents done but, like yours, it was postponed due to lockdown. JCW side skirts will really pull it together. I found when I was putting a JCW body kit on my old R56 it looked a bit weird with Cooper S side skirts on and didn't really settle with me - you don't realise it but the side skirts make the world of difference. I have the same trouble with mine, and that's just on standard JCW suspension! I've found if you use the standard jack from the car to raise which ever end of the car up that you're not working on you'll be able to get the trolley jack under. So if you're working on the front - raise the back with the standard jack, get the trolley jack in place then lower and remove the standard jack to lower the car onto the trolley jack - if that makes sense 🤔 For an oil change I used to get the car up on some drive-on ramps. Worked perfectly as there was plenty of room and the sump plug is at the back of the sump so it aids with draining the oil too.
  22. Awesome stuff! Looks like you've had plenty to keep you busy I'm a fan of the red wing mirrors, they're a nice touch
  23. I really like how it looks with a white roof!
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