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  1. GP2 for me. I'm a massive R56 fanboy anyway but I think the GP2 looks the most natural, like it's meant to be that way. For me the GP1 just doesn't look quite right, almost like it's forced? And I can't get away with the spoiler and arches on the GP3. No denying that all three are very capable though
  2. There it is! Airtec all the way 😉 Stage 2 INCOMING!! 😏😏
  3. Did you ever get any figures or prices off them? 👀👀
  4. As @Mr Watton says the Lohen packs do exactly what they say on the tin and are tried and tested. We've both pretty much got stage 2 hardware so we're planning on hopefully having a look down next year to see what power we're producing and to get the cars mapped. If you're looking for a custom setup and map then 200bhp could most likely be achieved without any real mods. But a better air filter, spark plugs and a better flowing exhaust wouldn't go a miss (and would sound so much better) I've heard good things about BTG Performance and they're probably spot on for the level of tuning you're looking at. I know that Abarth Club North East get a lot of cars done there and @j13_wtt and @MattyH92 had theirs mapped there too. So they could give a much better account of them than I can. Let us know how you get on!
  5. @Mr Watton depends who's driving it as to how quick it dies 😉
  6. Not for me 😔 starting my house move that weekend 😳
  7. I'm a big fan of the new JCW Clubman (as you well know). The M135i does look good but I think getting rid of the straight 6 was a big mistake; in my eyes a 'performance' BMW is meant to have at least 6 cylinders. For the price tags of all 3 of them though you can get so much better on the Nearly New market.. So I don't think I'd have any of them 😋
  8. I use Goodyear Eagle F1s. Great performance in both the wet and dry
  9. Awesome stuff, that looks mega! Persevere with the white, I think it looks great
  10. Already put myself down for this. Had a great time last year! 😎
  11. Noise video or it didn't happen 👀👀 I always said I wasn't going to modify mine until at least a year of ownership.. 6 months down the line and I can't stop buying 😁
  12. Free stickers are always a good! I didn't get a look at the stand, but it would be good to have a G-Wing or A-Vents and a few other 'special' products there with you just so people can get a closer look and see the quality of the products first hand? Either way, you physically being there to talk to your customers is a big plus point!
  13. I didn't get much of a chance to wander around the trade stands. I did see the car out on track though; it looked (and sounded) great!
  14. Looks like a great little photo location! 😁
  15. I suppose I'll come along 😛 (Providing I'm not in the middle of a house move)
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