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  1. Hi @Rawr32, wecome to FullOnMINIs! I bought a R56 SD for my daily driver in November as well. What do you think so far? I'm quite impressed by the amount of torque for the size of the car
  2. Great job done there! 100% better than the first photo you posted of them
  3. Nice little collection of bits coming together! Very much looking forward to fitting the Intercooler and downpipe It would also appear that something has decided to move into my exhaust! Never seen anything like this before
  4. Welcome back! Car looks ace 😁 This is probably an uncommon opinion but I think the chrome really suits that car
  5. I've had a busy (and expensive!) Christmas period buying new bits and pieces for the R59. I've finally bought all of the 'Stage 2' hardware that I need, just need to get round to fitting it! I had contemplated going to Lohen and buying their 'Performance Pack 2' but then thought why pay their prices when I can surely source the individual items, fit them myself and then go for a remap? I've bought: Airtec Intercooler Milltek 200 cell Sports Cat Downpipe ITG Foam Panel filter NGK uprated spark plugs - ILKR8E6 1442 (ones from an Evo X I believe) The Intercooler and downpipe aren't brand new, but nearly new at less than 1 year old and with minimal miles of use. By buying these items I've managed to save a substantial amount of money over brand new and shiny bits. Looking forward to February - the car is due an MOT at the beginning of the month and it'll be getting a service straight after. Once that is out the way it's getting the Intercooler and downpipe fitted along with the Team Dynamics wheels I keep forgetting about. I'm not finished there though! I've still got a few bits on my list to buy such as an uprated diverter valve, a set of ST Coilovers and adjustable top mounts... Watch this space!
  6. RE our conversation the other day.. The white wheels look REALLY good in that photo 😍
  7. Happy New Year, all the best for the upcoming decade! 😃
  8. The problem I had was on my PC 😉 Got that bit fixed though it should be working fine now. As you've said it's still only working intermittently on the phone. I'm pretty sure we had this problem last time too? 😳
  9. Keep that idea in mind @Kiddkaos, we'll see what the general consensus of people going is. @F56-dmg is right, the Holiday Inn served us well and isn't too far away 👍
  10. Just booked my ticket, who else has booked theirs? Haven't got a clue what day I'm going sown or whether I'm staying over, but I'm booked up! Don't forget there is only one day left to get your tickets for the reduced price of £16 😁
  11. @Kai2k I started with whatever I could get my hands on if I'm honest. I bought the black light trims from @Mr Watton. The genuine black MINI items (and the non genuine covers for that matter) are quite expensive if you buy them new! I know that if you buy a black line tail light set that you get some black rear light surrounds as part of the kit. If you just want the genuine black surrounds it's probably best to keep an eye on eBay and FB marketplace for people selling them secondhand. I've got some vinyl wrap in the house as I'm going to wrap all of the chrome on my SD just to save a bit of money. A belt line kit from SMPS would probably be the easiest and cheapest place to start and just go from there. I did wrap the washer nozzle covers, I thought it looked more OEM than having covers stuck over them 👍🏻 If you need anything mate just give me a shout 😁
  12. ALL of the build threads is the correct answer to that
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