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  1. Will you be joining us on the Club Stand, @Corasdad?
  2. @Corasdad welcome! I love how you've got your R53 😁
  3. Looks like I'm very hydrated then! 🤣
  4. Beading pics or it didn't happen @Mr Watton!
  5. I wasn't a member of that group 😲 just had a look and looks like there's some good interest 😁
  6. Looks like I am coming! just not in the Roadster 👍 Have we had much interest from MINI Owners UK do you know, Si?
  7. Frank must have been drinking some oil instead saving the petrol for later 😜😆
  8. @Gem cooper s cab we have no limit to how many we can have, so I'll add you to the list. The details should be on the first post in this topic 😁
  9. Looks like great fun! It's a shame that it's the weekend after MMM... Might have to see if I can commandeer a different car to go in 🤔
  10. There's only one way to find out 😏
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