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  1. Sounds good to me Ian, I'd be up for a bit of friendly competition and a digital drive out 👍ðŸŧ
  2. They sound great! I'm a big fan of a 3 cylinder with a proper exhaust on. Sounds better than the 4 cylinder F56s if you ask me ðŸ˜ģ
  3. I had a little blast out last weekend to 'social distance' myself from everyone.. and I wanted an excuse to see what the exhaust really sounded like. Normal driving around town is relatively unchanged apart from a little bit of a burble when pulling away and accelerating - with the roof up it is sometimes hard to notice. Once you get onto the open road and put your foot down it becomes immediately apparent that the sports cat is there. The exhaust now makes a much more throaty noise and sounds, in my opinion, the way a JCW should sound like from the factory. Pops and bangs on the overrun and when changing gear are also much more profound; this is something I'm very happy with as I'm an overgrown child. 😁 It sounds just right to my ears when I've got the roof down; it is loud enough and makes a nice noise. I rarely drive it in conditions where I need to have the roof up, and I might change my mind about it in the future, but at the moment I think I'm going to leave the rest of the exhaust alone. No sound clips as of yet.. But I'm sure I know a man with a GoPro that may assist with that 😉 Snapped a few bad pictures of a dirty car while I was out, too.
  4. Some great numbers there! I bet it's amazing to drive now What's the soundtrack like? I can imagine the 3 cylinder engine making some great noises!! Top job, the car looks great 😀
  5. After thinking about it I think the Sparcos get my vote. And if you don't like them I'll have them! ðŸĪŠ
  6. Absolutely, that was the goal. I'm looking forward to getting out in it properly to see what it is really like I think I'm going to leave the mid section in for now and see how I get on. If I decide I want more noise I can always do that at a later date
  7. Not much to report on recently, but I have finally fitted the sports cat! Took the car to work last night to see what it sounds like and I'm very impressed with the outcome. It isn't too different during normal driving but sounds mega when you put your foot down! Pops and bangs are louder too 😊 I've done 60 miles so far and the EML hasn't come on.. Yet.. I'm quite happy with how the car is looking/sounding at the moment. Though I'll be a lot happier once I get the coilovers on
  8. We'll play it by ear when we get back 👍ðŸŧ depends how many of us end up back there
  9. We're proposing to do a run up to Hartside. DATE TBC. I've put together a route that will take us up the A69 to Haydon Bridge then on to Hartisde via the A686. For the route home I'm proposing a bit of a different twist and we take a more scenic and slightly longer route via High Force Waterfalls. As for those wanting food I'm lead to believe that there is sometimes a burger van on the site of the old Cafe. Failing that there are plenty of snacks available in the petrol station at Alston. The route map can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/H1Ua5CuRch4FGVBm8 Start Point: MetroCentre McDonalds - Meet at 9am to head off at 9:30am Approx distance: 115 miles Approx journey time: 4 hours (with stops) Final end destination: Krispy Creme MetroCentre (Open to change, people can peel off during the run home) As always, feedback is welcome be it positive or negative *For those that know on the 29th there will apparently be photographers from "BikerPics' on the other side of the pass towards Melmerby. Once we're at Hartside if members want to have a run over that way to get photographed we can accommodate and fully support that - I'll be going!*
  10. Don't finish work until 9 unfortunately ðŸ˜Đ
  11. Those brakes would have flown through.. "Rear brake disk worn, pitted or scored but not seriously weakened" 😉ðŸĪĨ I must take mine out to 'charge the battery' more often 😜
  12. @ssbnreso really good job, it looks awesome! I've got those DRLs on mine and I think they're great If you're doing the Aero bumpers do you have plans to do the aero side skirts too? If you've got a few mods planned why don't you start a build thread in the 'MINI Builds' section of the forums? 😊
  13. I agree with you @Kai2k It's closer and there'll be more Mini people there
  14. Same day as SCITP @ Lotherton. I'd be up for it though!
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