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  1. Hi, The bumper should fit, I'm lead to believe that they are all interchangeable. I'd imagine you'll need to install a centre exit exhaust for use with the Cooper S rear bumper. I'd imagine that the wiring harness is slightly different for the Cooper and Cooper S and you'd need to tap into the existing feed for the rear fog light to get a feed for the new ones.
  2. Hi @Beemerpij like @Kettlepot I'm not sure if it is possible. I'm not that familiar with the current gen of MINIs.. Does the Clubman you're looking at have the mechanical drive selector which moves and stays in the position for drive or reverse etc? If it does then I'd imagine it is not possible to retrofit the new gear selector. I may be totally wrong, but if it is possible I'd imagine it to be an ambitious and costly project. I'm quite keen to see if it is possible though; please keep us updated
  3. Night shift weekend for me unfortunately 😔
  4. I don't forget, I just encourage as I'm not the one who'll get in trouble! 😂
  5. All of it in one go hopefully 😉
  6. I can easily make it a section of just my car 😉 Took this one last month which I quite like
  7. Spot on! What do you think of them or is it too early to tell?
  8. I'd like to say yes.. But we all know that's a lie. Gloss black to go with the rest of the dechrome
  9. Bought some cheap window tint from eBay and had a go at tinting my perspex panels in the roll over hoops. I didn’t do too badly of a job for my first go. The car is booked in to get the last of the dechroming done - namely those chrome hoops! Once they're done and the JCW side stripes have been fitted that'll be it for cosmetic mods and the car might even nearly be 'done'?!
  10. Is that so? I'll look into it 👍🏻 I had looked at that and I'm considering getting one but they're quite common I think
  11. Now that's a smart workshop! I like the way you've integrated your toolbox to have bench space above. I'm only a little bit jealous...
  12. Yeah I agree. I think any mods to make it more aggressive would be lost due to the monster truck stance it has going on at the moment. I'll be sure to avoid that one then! If I do manage to find anything I'll be sure to let you know. The badges are just covers but they're a perfect fit (they want to be for the price!) I'm in two minds about the spoiler. I think a retractable spoiler is a bit niche but I always have it up anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️ I'm not sure. We're all looking forward to getting back out! With the ever relaxing rules I'm going to look in
  13. I don't think I'd notice any negative impacts to be honest. As you say, it would just be for show
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