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  1. I had bonnet stripes on both of my hatches and think they really suited it. Some colours suit bonnet stripes and some don't but it's all down to personal taste! I've always added John Cooper signatures to mine to give them a bit more of a feature. I'm sure whatever you've gone for it'll look great 😁
  2. Welcome to FullOnMINIs @minibean! Plenty of pictures when you pick up your new car! 😁
  3. Pesky thing..! Glad you've finally got that noise sorted.
  4. They probably will do, they're definitely lighter than the stock wheels Oh yesss 😍
  5. Test fitted the TDs today. Ignore the monster truck look as the suspension didn't settle. It'll need lowered for a really clean look but for now I think they look alright! Looks to be a good fitment too
  6. I think some picture updates are in order @Mr Watton ^^^ Ian's SD definitely does NOT look like that anymore 😋
  7. It'll be a no show from me this year unfortunately. I've been there for the last 3 years so I'm giving it a miss 😶
  8. I can contribute enough for all of us! 😁🤣
  9. too right! And, for me, more time with the roof down 😎😎💁‍♀️
  10. Little (and not very cheap!) mod done today. Genuine MINI DRLs. They speak for themselves really:
  11. So I've finally got a result on my tyre pressure issue! For those of you that don't know, 3 of the tyres on my car have been loosing pressure quite rapidly causing me to get a tyre pressure warning. Mini have checked the wheels, tyres and valves TWICE and both times concluded that there's nothing wrong and I'm just not pumping them up enough... Hmm, me thinks not 🤔 I've battled with them and they're going to refurbish all 4 wheels (2 of which have paint peel and scuffing) at no cost to myself! Result! I think they're hoping a fresh set of wheels should make the tyres seal better once they've been re fitted.. Why they didn't just take the tyres off and refit them I don't know 🤷🏻 I'm not complaining though, fresh wheels for me, woohoo! I wonder of they'll do them in anthracite for me.. 🤔🤣
  12. I hope plenty of people are planning to come along to this, I know I'll definitely be going!
  13. I think some sort of contact with MINI UK is in order. I'll get on that tomorrow 💡 I much prefer having my reg on, tidies the car up nicely. The only thing is that the plates are made of metal.. They're from a main dealer so I'm assuming that's the new standard for number plates?
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