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  1. Looks like great fun! It's a shame that it's the weekend after MMM... Might have to see if I can commandeer a different car to go in 🤔
  2. There's only one way to find out 😏
  3. Who knew that you could get power readouts through MINI Connected! I've seen it in various BMWs but didn’t realise that the 2nd Gen MINIs had it too. Now I can really see how much power I'm not using when driving to and from work! 😂
  4. No one would notice with the seats down and the golf sticks in! I used to do that in my Cooper S so I could have more exhaust noise 😂 Yes! I think we've all got lists as long as our arms 😳
  5. The answer to that Ian is to have no rear seats! 🤪 They're not actually GP2 seats @essjay_jcw, they were available as an option with matching rears in the JCW. I'd have to have 2 matching buckets if it were me! If you got some buckets you'd probably be okay with how the rear seats looked 🤔
  6. Recaros are in! Super happy with them. Quite straightforward to fit, though having no roof helps when getting them in and out! Not sure on the proper name for these so they shall now be known as the Recaro 'GP2esque' seats. Unpopular opinion but I much prefer them to the CS ones 😳
  7. Consider me intrigued! I'll be looking out for it 😎
  8. What colour are you going for with the calipers? Or is it a surprise? 🤪
  9. These will be the last mods for a while! The bank will think I'm being fraudulent if I spend any more 😆 The photos really don't do it justice. The colour pops so much better and the metallic flake in it pops too
  10. Got my car back from the wizards at DDB Detailing yesterday. They've turned it from a swirly hologram covered mess into a car that looks better than new. Completely over the moon, top work by the guys there! There is also a JCW Strut Brace and a set of JCW Leather/Alcantara seats on the way. Watch this space...
  11. I think @Bornared is on upgrading his disks and pads. Might be worth asking him about what he's chosen and why
  12. I'd be intrigued to see what you think! I'm contemplating some higher rated pads for mine. Not that there is anything wrong with the stock Brembo ones I just fancy a bit more braking force
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