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  1. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @Kettlepot I think you have worked it out from Instagram.. I wasn't very discreet! I'll get those suckers to you somehow, unless you can wait until the first Mini show of the year? @Mr Watton I think people will work it out pretty sharpish anyway! 😄 @Bornared good guess.. But that's not it! 😝
  2. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    So this is how the Cooper S is looking at the moment. Notice anything different? Some seriously big changes coming in the next month! I'm trying to keep my cards as close to my chest as possible.. So no blabbing, @Mr Watton! 😉😄 Oh, and there'll be a Dark Silver Aero Kit up for grabs soon if anyone knows anyone looking to buy one 🤔 @Kettlepot you said you were tempted by the number plate suckers.. I have no need for mine now, do you want them?
  3. LCWElvin

    Inspirational MINIs found on the net...

    I've got the bug!🤩
  4. LCWElvin

    Inspirational MINIs found on the net...

    Love a bit of purple...
  5. LCWElvin


    Welcome to FullOnMINIs! Lovely looking R52 you have there. Hope to see it and yourself at some shows!
  6. LCWElvin

    Back in a MINI! Yay...

    Makes the front end look so much better, Si; I'm so glad that they fit!
  7. LCWElvin

    Happy Christmas Everyone

    Not sure if I like them yet but I got some new puddle lights 💡
  8. LCWElvin

    Happy Christmas Everyone

    Merry Christmas, Si, and everyone in FOM 😁
  9. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Thanks mate 👍🏻 I think they're great! Had no trouble with them in this weather and I've done a mix of Motorway and B road driving with no problems. The number plate has fallen off once but it was down to me and not the suckers. (I was in a rush and didn't take the plate off when washing the car. Stupidly I decided to prod the suckers, they moved a little, got some dirt under them and one became unstuck when in traffic 🤦🏻‍♂️) I usually take the front plate off every time the car gets washed and have no problems 👍🏻
  10. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Thanks @Kai2k! Was great to just get out and get some decent pictures. It's coming together quite nicely. I still need to show you in person!
  11. LCWElvin

    Dark Silver

    With a Sparkling Silver friend
  12. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Not much to report on as of late. I have wrapped the grille surrounds black and got some black side scuttles. Grille surrounds aren't perfect but you'd never know. She still looks great even in winter mode with those wheels on 😁 *The front number plate may have fallen off in traffic and ended up back in the windscreen* 🙄
  13. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @Kai2k they'll not be going on now until my winter tyres come off next year 😞plus they need Spigot Rings before I can fit them I actually live near Bishop Auckland but I'm in Newcastle a lot for work. I've been wanting to see yours in the flesh now you've got the lowering springs on. Drop me a message on FB and I'm sure we can arrange something 😁
  14. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    So this happened...
  15. LCWElvin

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    @Bornared do you have a rough cost of how much it cost you to get all of the chrome wrapped? I was thinking about doing it myself but I’d probably do a crap job 😆

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