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  1. Cheers mate - I had just popped over to my old house to pick up some letters that hadn't been delivered to the new place! MINI was looking good too!
  2. I could join you guys! I haven't seen everyone for a long time! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Another quick update... My E60 discs have arrived now - 345mm In other news, the car will be going into my local BMW bodyshop to have some warranty work done. I have a small rust bubble that has appeared around the numberplate area on the rear tailgate. BMW have authorised the repair, but only for the affected area - so I will be paying the difference to have the entire tailgate repainted to ensure a perfect paint match. I'll also de-badge the rear at the same time!
  4. My brakes have arrived! Cant wait to get these on now - just need to source the discs and M3 master cylinder next!
  5. Another update to the thread... I've finally caved and bought a set of matching F3x rear calipers from a 440i They are 2 piston Brembo's with 345mm discs, so pretty large for a rear set up! They only have 40km of delivery miles, so pretty much new & I got them for 475 EUR shipped to U.K so I think I got a good deal! The caliper tubs / tabs need to be machined down so these are not a direct fit. I will have to find a place local to me to do the work & a E9x M3 master cylinder will be required to ensure a decent pedal feel is maintained!
  6. OK, so update time! Now the car is here to stay (for at least a little while anyway!) I have been getting a few things sorted! New rear tyres (another pair of ContiSportContact 6's) Full major service at BMW (oil, oil filter, fuel filter, microfilter, air filter) Today I also picked it back up from DDB Detailing in Newcastle - they did a full detail on my car a year ago using the full raft of GTechniq products, and I opted for the Crystal Serum Light (CSL Black) level of protection. This involved a top layer of Exo for gloss and it acts as the hydrophobic layer too. Over the
  7. I was on my way to Revoloution to drop off some tyres to get fitted back onto my BBS rims!
  8. Saw this outside a ToolHire shop in Gateshead yesterday!
  9. Well, in the spirit of getting back on with the car I have had a new set of rear boots fitted today on the BBS! So glad to have them back on the car - I'd forgotten how good they look in all honesty!
  10. Finally got my CIC firmware updated to V41 (via ICOM) to allow option 6NR to be coded. So now I have apps etc to complete the Combox retrofit. Quick pic showing full Spotify integration! Thanks to Craig at BR Diagnostics & Retrofits for doing a great job as ever! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Finally got the car cleaned today, but just as I was finishing, it started going dark - so excuse the grainy pics! Anyway, here are some more pics of the new winter set up!
  12. About £600 fitted Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Update... The winters are on! Overall I'm happy with them, but despite the research I did, and the rears being set 3mm further into the arch, the rear tyres catch the arch liner on big dips! It seems that winters, and especially Michelin's, run wider & are far chunkier than summers. To cure this I have ordered some new 235/40 rears which will cure it! Overall I'm happy! The performance over the last few days where it has been very cold / frosty has been significantly better than it would have been with the summer set up still on the car! Sent from
  14. I ended up ordering a set of Michelin Pilot Alpin PA4's! I ordered a set of Vredestein winters for the GF's X-Trail though! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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