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  1. I might be there this year with my dads new car and my Volvo in the visitors car park!
  2. Sorry, cant make this one now... ☹️
  3. Cheers Simon, Is that from the dealers or an Indie?
  4. On the way to work this morning I was met with yellow tyre pressure light, DTC light, yellow brake warning, no self cancel indicators and wipers that have a mind of their own before the engines turned off... From a quick google trawl it appears my steering angle sensor is broken, any ideas of cost to repair? Cheers Adam
  5. Afraid I may be over the limit as out for my birthday the day before....!
  6. Mr Adds

    Mini shoot

    Afraid Im at my 4 year old niece birthday party
  7. Tried to paint my rear hubs as they are looking crap, but the alloy is stuck to the hub!! Job for another day....
  8. Looking forward to this! We have booked an additional cheeky Friday night in Blackpool to give us the Saturday to recover all fresh for Sunday! Anyone out in Blackpool on Friday let me know and we can get some beer!
  9. Roof looks good Think the mirrors need doing as Ian said to tie it together. Looks so good on them wheels though
  10. Sorry we didn't make this, we got held up at work, hope it was a good one!
  11. Be able to whack the old ones on eBay to recoup some funds?
  12. Put me and the Mrs down for this please, house is all sorted so can start to plan things! Not sure about my dad though, as he broke his leg just before new year and after 2 operations, still isn't up and about yet, and wont be until end of April
  13. We are buying a house in the next few months so may need the £s but hopefully will be ok!
  14. We should be going, providing we still have a mini by then!
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