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  1. b34st

    Monty mods

    New grill put on much better fit and gloss back stands out better
  2. b34st

    Monty mods

    Done the induction hose today gone for grey to colour match the car better
  3. b34st

    Monty mods

    First parts have arrived today Bit of colour coordination upgrade for the engine bay
  4. b34st

    Mega MINI Meet 2019

    That's him paying me back for letting him come lol
  5. b34st

    Monty mods

    And another purchase today lol Got to get show ready
  6. b34st

    Mega MINI Meet 2019

    Haha he's my best mate dude he's very worthy comes to all the car shows with me
  7. b34st

    Mega MINI Meet 2019

    ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME …………. Oh and Jamie
  8. b34st

    Monty mods

    More purchases made all for under the bonnet 😁😁
  9. b34st

    Monty mods

    Well had new front pads done today not upgraded as couldn't find any that were right fit Had 2 sets of green stuff pads delivered both were wrong so ended up with a set of brembos
  10. b34st

    Inspirational MINIs found on the net...

    Dunno @Mr Watton it's on airride too lol
  11. b34st

    Monty mods

    So not done anything for ages but new stuff coming in the new year keep your eyes peeled for updates
  12. b34st

    Hartside 29/12/18

    Finally lol

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