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  1. Plus wife got rid of her Q5 and got a Countryman SD!
  2. Oh, forgot, also got genuine black headlight and tail light surrounds
  3. Quick update, took sat nav speedo out (just couldn’t get app to perform correctly plus radio kept de-tuning itself 🤷🏻‍♂️) replaced with lci stereo and some gp style gauges. I’ve just bagged a set of r112 jcw alloys black for a good price, in my opinion. New tyres going on tomorrow so should get those fitted tomorrow as well. Pic of how car currently stands.
  4. Almost gave up and went for a double din, but by the time you factor in the head unit, facia, new dial faces your talking nearly £500 and for the amount I would use it just not worth it. The place that did my roof quoted me £1k to re spray the rest of car excluding bumpers and skirts. So currently saving for that to get done sometime in the summer.
  5. Quick video of my home brew android set up, not perfect but it does what I need, cost just over £100 and looks pretty oem 😃
  6. i just used ‘muc off’ bike cleaner agitated with paint brush. Then rinsed off and dried with a microfibre cloth.
  7. Sideskirts on to complete the look 😎
  8. Yes. Was just going to use a Bluetooth receiver for music but this it’ll make it a cleaner install. Plus I can run charger cable behind stereo to USB socket so no need to hard wire into car.
  9. Tried the usb socket, it works! So now to take dash apart to fit aux lead 🤪 Thought it wouldn’t work as it wouldn’t charge my iPhone but read up and it’s because Apple use a different configuration on their leads 🤷🏻‍♂️
  10. I can try it, just got the charger plug into a USB adapter In cigarette lighter at minute
  11. No, never really thought of that as I’d heard that the usb wouldn’t charge phone?
  12. Sorted youtube link. This is on bench plugged in switching on and off to simulate ignition
  13. I’ve got a video of it in action but not sure how to upload it onto here?
  14. The app is called ‘Automate’ from playstore. Free app, paid a couple of quid for premium features such as auto on and off. You can get it automatically open an app such as DashCmd.
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