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  1. http://www.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/mini/cooper-s/an-extroverted-supercharged-mini-cooper-s-with-a-full-zeemax-bodykit/4853213?v=b What say everyone, a good buy or not desirable? Zeemax, is it a bit marmite? If I bought it, it would be changed a lot but the Zeemax kit would have to stay. Cool or uncool? First I have seen of this type of kit. All opinions appreciated. Cheers Scott
  2. I did when I was a student. Not now though. I know there are a handful of similar houses in Fenham. I live top end of Gosforth. How about you?
  3. The wife's Cooper S with body coloured skirts and arches. Carbon Dash in my JCW
  4. Cheers Jamie, Will have a look when I've put the kids to bed and the top falls off a Heineken. Scott
  5. I am a newbie on here and this thread just grabbed me from start to finish, couldn't stop once I had started. Great car Andy, hope to see it someday.
  6. Thanks for the welcome. Does anyone know if anyone in the NE is good at doing remaps on the ECU for the JCW, without killing the car? Decent price, dyno proof etc I feel this may be the starting point to mod the beast up a bit. Cheers Scott
  7. Hi All, Just thought I would introduce my self on here. I am quite new to understanding the MINI world and just getting to grips with which forums are the best/least offensive lol. I bought my wife a chipped & JCW body kitted R52 Soft top a couple of weeks ago and couldn't believe how much fun it was driving home from Wolverhampton to Newcastle upon Tyne. So of course I decided to buy myself one the week after, this time not a chipped Cooper S but the full JCW factory fitted tuning kit R52 in black with soft top. Both cars are around 50k in miles and the JCW is totally fully loa
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