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  1. it seams to be running ok no warnings popping up so think it’s sorted 👍
  2. Sorry guys I’m not going to make this the paceman isn’t well enough to go that far and won’t be able to sort it in time , nothing serious (I hope)
  3. Will just leave this here
  4. Can’t be that big to fit in there 🤔
  5. De striping the paceman 🤫
  6. Got a email today from them about a subscription and from the front cover it looks like I’m in it lol
  7. Iv booked up for this don’t know if I mentioned it at lythum as I know there’s not long left to register for the club stand and I’m gona stay in the ibis there’s a nice pub over the road for food and a couple of drinks
  8. Spotted littleredhead this morning going passed the end of the runway at Newcastle airport, didn’t flash or wave as was in the work vehicle 😉🚚
  9. The things you order after a few drinks on a weekend thought I Only ordered 2m for a little project I have in mind 😲
  10. They look nice on the Mrs car but the arch gap 🤯
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