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  1. Not had anytime off as I’m “key worker” even got a certificate 😇 but off now for a week as was going to Tenerife but that was cancelled so can catch up on some jobs now , iv got all the stripes to go back on for starters
  2. Booking a hotel at lythum for next year before they release the dates for the festival and everything’s still cheap 😉
  3. Congratulations Chris 👍
  4. As iv not updated this for longer than I thought here goes the mot ran out in September so it got parked up as needed a few jobs that I didn’t have time to fix but it’s all been sorted now , had poly bushes fitted new rear arms fitted and full laser alignment it’s not perfect but as close as it will go this low I have also fitted gloss black grill surround and headlight washed covers along with Gloss carbon fibre belt line things next are I’m not sure if I like it without the red stripes but for now I’m trying to get use to it , I’m not feeling the gold wheels anymore so they will either get a colour change or some different wheels altogether and some of you know iv had my name down for the gp style wing for a few years now they are expected to arrive after all the lockdown is over
  5. How to build your own rims 😳
  6. I do like the bola b10s I think the flat faces make them look bigger than they are
  7. needs mot (Ran out in September) and got polly bushes and some suspension upgrades to go on plus where it is has a full laser alignment so should come back spot on
  8. Had the paceman out for the first time since it got parked up after Newcastle car show , battery was completely dead but a jump of the trusty ford had it going shes now at a secret location undergoing some tlc
  9. I like the wheels but it’s no paceman 🤙
  10. 15” winter wheels and tyres great condition genuine MINI wheels and wheel trims , have been used but looked after , slight mark on one wheel trim as you can see £120
  11. Spotted in Durham today
  12. Spotted near Durham services (bowburn) GP2 with red wheels looked well
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