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  1. I think the culmination of a few things tbh, but that's probably best left for another time and place. I should mention I'm an admin on there
  2. Cheers, would love to come along but sadly I'll be slumming it down Enfield for work that night Will try and make it along for the next one if I'm around at the time though. I used to do a few pub meets on northernmini but stopped due to lack of interest so it'll be nice to turn up for one where I'm not the only person there
  3. Nice one . I'll keep my eyes peeled for you both out and about.
  4. how do Iain! I couldn't find a decent pic to find with those R108 reps on to use above. Also looks like I might the last person to find this site then
  5. Hello all Got tagged today at Dalton Park so I thought I'd come on and have a look around. A few people might know me as Alex on the Northern MINI website My current MINI is a 57 plate R56 S. Fairly standard, just got some lowering springs to eradicate wheelgap and a panel filter, EBC Yellowstuff pads with EBC grooved discs on the front, plus a few odds and ends inside to make the cabin a more pleasant place. Anyway, here's Manky Franky looking remarkably clean with winter alloys and wheels http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7059/6953149173_d11839ae38_c.jpg' alt='URL>'> Your eyes don't deceive you, there are no JCW side skirts on it. Still trying to save up for them
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