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  1. Thanks for the reply! What brakes would you recommend, been looking at the Porsche ones on lohen (i think)! But they are super expensive ? Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app There are couple of cheap wins such as mintex 1144 pads or carbotech and nitrac discs in with stock dimensions and calipers. If you want to update your full setup then have a look at the 4 pot Ap or Brembo setups. The Porsche will undoubtedly be tremendous of course, but I don't think they're necessary on a road going mini. And of course you enter the debate about presprung weight, ability to cool etc... Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app
  2. That would be gentlemanly! I'm gonna be busy for the next couple of weeks so can I drop you a message later? Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app
  3. Personally I'd go brakes, handling, performance then looks. The turbos get very hot. There was a recall and it should have a small shield around it if it's been recalled to stop the oil(?) seal burning and getting damaged. Gains on any mods will be minimal without a map too. Best to try and get them done together imo Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app
  4. Halfords extra high temperature paint in black. Its matt as I suspect whatever they add to paint to make it glossy probably doesn't resist heat very well. For the chrome I just used the rough end of a scouring pad to give the paint something to grip. This stuff covers really well and is touch dry in around ten minutes. Figured I'd see how it holds first. If it needs a better key then I will use 400 grit and redo them.
  5. aww, will be away on holiday in a winnebago clogging up the roads of the North Coast 500
  6. haha there's 16 people watching the auction and at least 3 of us are on here . to be fair if you can utilise your own casings the price isn't too bad. As I only need the lenses I'm gonna wait for some outright broken ones. See if I can get one with a melted interior for £50 or something /cheapskate
  7. Can't believe I've only just started catching up with this thread. Absolutely superb work. Actually an inspiration of those long term owners amongst us.
  8. Thinking of trying to get some new out outer lenses from somewhere. Probably have to look for broken ones on ebay, but xenons last forever. There's a pair of black ones I was watching already and whoever stripped them off the car managed to break a load of clips and he wants £200 for the pair which is an absolute bargain if your original cases are fine.
  9. Yeah, I bought the new slip ring... and it still didn't work. £400 wasted unless I can get it working somehow
  10. Just having a catch up of your thread. Some great stuff going on. Do you think you can re-code the VO? I'm still determind to get my cruise control working Everyone says it can't be done. I think its in the VO but something is not right. I don't know if its because mine is a pre-Aug 07 build (by 1 month) and a lot of the hardware changed. MINI reckon it can't be done, but everywhere else says it should be possible.
  11. I'm liking the industrial look of the 2nd one
  12. give me a shout if you do yours and I'll see if I can pop over and keep you company if you need a hand
  13. OK, its pretty easy. Marc's instructions are spot on. It was last minute Ian so I apologise for not letting you know. Actually found out one of the mechanisms in the lights was broken once I'd opened them up. For anyone having a go at this expect to spend around 20 mins per headlight heating the glue. one warning though: Once done it will show up any imperfections in your light lenses!
  14. If you're a coward then I am to ! It's worse being a coward with OCD because is you make a mess then a lot of swear words and anger comes out [emoji23] This may have just happened! https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/20170430/2977d5689b49138d79543a213069d141.jpg' alt='URL>'>
  15. Thanks chaps. A bit daunting for a coward like me lol
  16. anyone done this? Any hints or help to offer to someone whose thinking of doing it?
  17. Bongo


    Gave a wave and got one back just north of Barnard Castle from a bloke in a R55 hot chocolate clubbie
  18. Yeah I have to admit after the money I've chucked at it the last couple of years it owes me a bomb, so its not worth getting rid
  19. Just head only. Taken back to components and cleaned out injectors, replaced one, replaced burnt valve, cleaned out other valves and seatings, replaced stem valve seals and reassembled. Also replaced faulty fuel line which I didn't even know was faulty. Pistons were fine, just coked up. Rings were still tight and crank bearings seemed fine according to the man with the knowledge. Only other issue was scoring in cylinder 3. I saw this myself and there was enough to catch a fingernail if you ran it over the top. Will probably have to be replaced eventually so a bottom end rebuild could be on the cards for 2018. Mechanic (DW//Motorworks) reckons a full new bottom end from BMW is about £1.3k which seems incredibly reasonable. Took it out yesterday for a run around Durham dales, Weardale and Teesdale. Absolutely tremendous, pulls like a train and the put a smile back on my face. No misfiring and everything else was working fine. Of course now I have a load of other plans for it so going to need a few £ to pay for it
  20. Wow...surprised that's happened Mr [emoji20] be good to see you back on the road soon [emoji1303] Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app As of today we are back! Suspect some crap has got into the valve and just carboned up and created a hotspot.
  21. Just an update. It looks like the head issues, specifically a burnt inlet valve. Just waiting on some more updates. Hopefully I can have my first MINI drive in April since December last year
  22. looks like I'm only updating this when things go wrong So since the turbo got fitted last year the car had developed a misfire that I couldn't diagnose. Nothing major but probably the sign of an underlying issue. Not surprising as the car is now on 159k miles. I was saving for an engine rebuild for summer 2017, but things may have become a bit more expedited! Just before new year the slight misfire turned into a massive misfire, setting off codes for misfire in 2 cylinders, superknock and problems with the VANOS sensor. Basically a full house of horrors. Compression test shows virtually nothing for cylinder 4, so the head needs to come off. Took the car down to DW Motorworks in Blaydon for further investigation. Still looked good though
  23. Incidentally n12 coopers were ported hence why they don't have a problem. I use sainsburys super in mine. It's rebranded bp ultimate. After the last decoke it seems to be paying dividends as the valves were fairly clean. Sent from my iPhone using FULLONMINIs.co.uk mobile app
  24. some people don't want an F56 no matter how much of a demographic MINI think they are missing. You can't make a car for everyone. Put this back to an R53 starting price of £15k and I might have another look
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