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  1. On 31/07/2018 at 20:08, Mr Watton said:

    Heyyyyy been so long!! I think youve grown to the camper van really ;) Get that mechanic woken up....


    Gosh its been a while! 


    Car is working(ish).  Done a thousand miles since it was back on the road.  Had one hiccup today, so I've come seeking knowledge


    Is Carly still the best obd diag app to use?  Dunno if that should be here or somewhere else.  It was doing the same thing before it broke.  Under full throttle chucking an ECL every now and again.  Not very handy on the M62


    Gonna try and get along to a meet soon but I'm away in the van for pretty much every one!

  2. 6 hours ago, Kettlepot said:

    Sorry Alec, for some reason I thought it was Chris with his R53 that started this thread.

    would engine wear cause low oil pressure ?????

    knowing the mileage on your car it may be more like a worn pump (in my thoughts) 

    if it were engine wear you’d get blow back out the dipstick from Franck case pressure would you not (depending on breather set up of course) ?

    Yeah the internet seems to think engine wear, big end bearing particularly, would cause the oil pressure light to come on.  Hoping not.

  3. 7 hours ago, Kettlepot said:

    You work at one ! don't you ?


    In theory, if there's low pressure then its either low oil, a blockage or a worn pump.

    You've checked the oil level

    Blockages are rare (unless the filter is clogged)

    I'm assuming this hasn't been intermittent, which would often indicate worn pump.

    It may be worth a quick oil and filter change for what its worth, failing that its pointing towards the pump (which I've never changed)

    Cheers Ian. Hope you’re well. 

    Thinking it could be engine wear to be honest.  Will try the cheap oil and filter change first, it’s just getting the time at the moment. The camper is taking up most my time. 

  4. Hi

    stupid mini has developed another stupid problem. I’ve got the oil pressure warning light at low revs. Oil level is fine. I don’t think my regular non specialist would be able to diagnose that so I’m looking for a specialist. I’ve used DW motorworks but he’s not answering his phone. 


    Anyone know any others?




  5. I like the forum as it’s a designated place for everything. You can go back and view your own or someone else’s build thread, store/view photos from shows/events.

    I would say the only negative is that we need to do more together. It seems to be the same people who organIse most of the events. We cannot attend them all and unfortunately for the next couple of years, my life got a whole lot busier. I think the forum to survive more people need to become involved organising events, wheather this be a run out somewhere or a meet up somewhere. I know some people aren’t interested in certain types of events and that is fine but I think we need to do more between shows.

    I’m sure any ideas, feedback will be welcome [emoji1303]



    Voice of experience from my northern mini days but it was exactly the above problems Ian identified that killed the forum. Same people arranging and doing everything to the point others may have felt intimidated to do anything. In fact I think I can remember someone complaining vociferously when someone different arranged a sub forum meet for a particular region [emoji50]

    It is hard to get people together though, and even harder to get people to share responsibility.

  6. Having a flick through some old threads and found this gem. I will add the worst car I've every driven was a 5 door VW UP 1.0 (if that). There has bound to be some other rotters but this is the one that springs to mind at the moment


    Same car as the Mii which I probably had when I wrote my reply. It would have been alright except for the seat which appeared to be made from knives and compressed uncomfortableness


    Mr Watton said:
    Buy it, then say you won it ! :D:D:D


    *try at your own risk. I / FULLONINIs does not accept liability for above suggestion. Loss of limb/wallet is at your discretion*


    I’ll have to take a full frontal selfie in front of the mirror to remember what my balls looked like if I do


    Kettlepot said:
    How was the drive home Alec ? these tips must have added at least 50bhp especially with all the flames we used getting the other tips off.


    Easily 50 I’d say. I went past a Porsche 911 like it was standing still while it was parked.


    Actually did think one had dropped off at one point coming past beamish, but i think it was something on the road or another piece of car falling off.

  9. ohh a good ol' MFSW challenge! According to MINI its basically pot luck if your car has the correct loom/modules. I'd read loads of threads, specifically on NAM that said it can be done. Its not true. Its easier if your car was made after Sept 07 which yours definitely is though. Mine's a Jul 07 :x When mine tries to get coded it comes back with a missing module error

    Getting the correct slip ring is a PITA. You have to find the one that matches your car with the correct light and DSC options, and if you can't you have to fork out £400 for a new one, so for the sake of £20 I would see if yours can be coded. Good luck :good:


    Mr Watton said:



    You can get it free if you order a new xbox one x. When I say free you have to part with £450 first like :x



    Bought it yet then ? lol.


    Im not even sure if the XBOX X is even worth it ? Looking at how good the game is on the XBOX anyway, i cant even see how the X would improve it :D



    I broached the subject carefully and got disapproving noises back, so I think that's off the cards :evil: Actually thought last night the hdmi out was goosed on the xbox and got a little excited, but I think it was just the cable :evil::evil:


    Have got a 4k tv, which is one of the reasons I'm interested. As there's only one 4k channel it feels a bit redundant having a 4k tv

  11. I'm liking the idea of Tynemouth area, we could do a Tunnel run and head down the coast through Sunderland etc ?


    Just a heads up you won't be able to get through very easily down to Roker. I don't think the road is actually closed, but it will be busy.


  12. Massive thanks to Ian the exhaust whisperer last night. My problematic tips were finally persuaded to come off via fire, hammers, chisels and drills!


    Here’s one we prepared earlier




    And this was the end result




    GTT tips ftw.


    I’d like to say I helped but I stood there like a fool while Ian came up with ideas [emoji23]

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