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  1. absolutely. I sorted out all the receipts for when I sold the car and I must have paid for the thing twice over! At the same time it went on pretty much every holiday with us and had some great runs out in it, particularly the highland tours it went on. Very much a mixed bag of emotions. I would never recommend anyone buy a car with the N14 engine in it!
  2. It’s gone! It’s race is run! Sold to webuyanycar as MINI didn’t want it back in part ex 🤣 If you see it at auction unless you’re a breaker I’d give it a wide berth. Somethings up with the VANOS and at 173k it’s not worth the aggro of fixing. so 10 years and 150k miles it’s adios. I’ll do a new thread for the new F56 soon 😇
  3. Gosh its been a while! Car is working(ish). Done a thousand miles since it was back on the road. Had one hiccup today, so I've come seeking knowledge Is Carly still the best obd diag app to use? Dunno if that should be here or somewhere else. It was doing the same thing before it broke. Under full throttle chucking an ECL every now and again. Not very handy on the M62 Gonna try and get along to a meet soon but I'm away in the van for pretty much every one!
  4. Just a quick update. Car has basically been broken for the entirity of 2018 now 😫 Hoping to have it back on the road soon, but the mechanic its currently with seems to enjoy holidays more than working on cars. Stay tuned for progress.
  5. There's a knock on startup, but its never set off the knock sensor. I dunno. I'm always pessemistic with this MINI 👿 Definitely a Monday am or Friday pm model.
  6. Yeah the internet seems to think engine wear, big end bearing particularly, would cause the oil pressure light to come on. Hoping not.
  7. Cheers Ian. Hope you’re well. Thinking it could be engine wear to be honest. Will try the cheap oil and filter change first, it’s just getting the time at the moment. The camper is taking up most my time.
  8. Hi stupid mini has developed another stupid problem. I’ve got the oil pressure warning light at low revs. Oil level is fine. I don’t think my regular non specialist would be able to diagnose that so I’m looking for a specialist. I’ve used DW motorworks but he’s not answering his phone. Anyone know any others? cheers
  9. Welcome. Me great granny was born in Coatbridge [emoji3] Hope you enjoy your car.
  10. Voice of experience from my northern mini days but it was exactly the above problems Ian identified that killed the forum. Same people arranging and doing everything to the point others may have felt intimidated to do anything. In fact I think I can remember someone complaining vociferously when someone different arranged a sub forum meet for a particular region [emoji50] It is hard to get people together though, and even harder to get people to share responsibility.
  11. Ffs wrong place. Tried to reply to a post in another forum and Tapatalk inexplicably took me back to a previous post [emoji848]
  12. Oddly mine had an AGM battery without stop start. I Replaced like for like just in case. Got a lion one from eurocarparts in some sale or other and it’s been fine.
  13. Looks good that colour
  14. Heated seats? Spoilt! I just wear thermal y fronts
  15. Same car as the Mii which I probably had when I wrote my reply. It would have been alright except for the seat which appeared to be made from knives and compressed uncomfortableness
  16. I’ll have to take a full frontal selfie in front of the mirror to remember what my balls looked like if I do
  17. was toying with coming along but the car is manky still of that dust on Monday and the weather's not too great Have a blast though those who are going
  18. Easily 50 I’d say. I went past a Porsche 911 like it was standing still while it was parked. Actually did think one had dropped off at one point coming past beamish, but i think it was something on the road or another piece of car falling off.
  19. ohh a good ol' MFSW challenge! According to MINI its basically pot luck if your car has the correct loom/modules. I'd read loads of threads, specifically on NAM that said it can be done. Its not true. Its easier if your car was made after Sept 07 which yours definitely is though. Mine's a Jul 07 When mine tries to get coded it comes back with a missing module error Getting the correct slip ring is a PITA. You have to find the one that matches your car with the correct light and DSC options, and if you can't you have to fork out £400 for a new one, so for the sake of £20 I would see if yours can be coded. Good luck
  20. Bought it yet then ? lol. Im not even sure if the XBOX X is even worth it ? Looking at how good the game is on the XBOX anyway, i cant even see how the X would improve it I broached the subject carefully and got disapproving noises back, so I think that's off the cards Actually thought last night the hdmi out was goosed on the xbox and got a little excited, but I think it was just the cable Have got a 4k tv, which is one of the reasons I'm interested. As there's only one 4k channel it feels a bit redundant having a 4k tv
  21. Just a heads up you won't be able to get through very easily down to Roker. I don't think the road is actually closed, but it will be busy. http://www.seeitdoitsunderland.co.uk/illuminations
  22. Massive thanks to Ian the exhaust whisperer last night. My problematic tips were finally persuaded to come off via fire, hammers, chisels and drills! Here’s one we prepared earlier And this was the end result GTT tips ftw. I’d like to say I helped but I stood there like a fool while Ian came up with ideas [emoji23]
  23. What about somewhere like South Shields? Sunderland would be out as the illuminations are on so it’ll be busy. Even Hartlepool?
  24. You can get it free if you order a new xbox one x. When I say free you have to part with £450 first like
  25. As you know I’m otherwise engaged [emoji23]. Gonna try and remember to take this lights to work tomorrow if you want to collect em?
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