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  1. We are up and running! Sorted online out, I have just got gta, rainbow 6 and uncharted so far!
  2. Well finally got round to getting a ps4 haven't got many games did it and gave no idea what am doing not got a clue how to get online ha [emoji85]
  3. I recognised the mini but didn't know who it was
  4. http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/11/30/52eacfe9f60abcaac4b496726e3572c7.jpg' alt='URL>'> You the SD? Yeah I was, eclipse grey
  5. Yeah I was mate eclipse grey
  6. Saw a nice clubie yesterday turned of the m6 toward Manchester black with red roof jcw as well
  7. You are indeed, not complaining at all, it's great you guys are over here
  8. Well I am up for it but don't know who else is?
  9. Come on guys who else is up for it? Ian? @kettlepot
  10. Would anyone be interested in a little meet up at heartside on Sunday night!? Say around 5-5:30 ish and people will get some good shots as it gets dark!
  11. Anyone heading over from carslile side and fancy meeting on the way through?
  12. Anyone from this side going? And fancies a run over
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