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  1. Si As per facebook post, Im going to have to drop out. Sticking rear caliper and I cant guarantee getting it fixed before then so probably best to let someone on who can definitely go I'll still be there, but with Mrs Moggy driving me
  2. good fun, and some cracking motors. Nice to see some new faces too.
  3. If Im back from Scotland in time I'll dodge along. Guess Im going to be ruled out of the show and shine competition :D
  4. Depends on what time I get in on saturday night I might tag along, but Im on a late night astro photo shoot the night before
  5. I think Ive done it, clicked the link on my phone, sent me to the site so I logged in. Is that it?
  6. editing 2000 photos from an action packed weekend of waterfall hunting, rally cross and fireworks. Im glad I dont use film cameras
  7. I finally managed to get round to editing a few of the shots from last week. Flickr album can be found here
  8. with a bit of notice I can be free most evenings apart from wednesdays
  9. I dont have time to edit them all tonight, but Ive done one each from the first stop off point. Hope you like them. I'll edit the rest over the weekend
  10. I'll see you on Team Valley about 7ish
  11. Mine are Clarke (I believe they originally came from Machine Mart. If only we knew someone who worked there ) and work ok for a limited range ie sufficient to reach the back of a strung out 10 car convoy. Our other make used is Binatone, but I don't have model numbers for either although these look like mine
  12. Its my understanding that its not illegal to use a two-way radio, however the catch-all that the cops can use is that you still need to have full control of the vehicle and if they feel that they dont then they can prosecute. I use them on my runs, I tend to clip it to the front of my shirt so that I dont have to have it in my hand, I can just hit the PTT and then release it
  13. Im going to miss this due to still being on nursey duties, someone get some good photos for me
  14. Looks like you had a canny run, despite the rain. Wish I could have made it but the missus didnt leave til 4 Evening run for fish n chips sounds fun
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