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  1. Always one big idiot to spoil the photo.
  2. I'll be there early on at the Carlisle tesco. Simon so if anyone turning up from cumbria area. I'll be in the white silver f56 jcw. Also i mates with organising party so ill put in a good word for the mini stand.
  3. Just bought a ticket now seems to have worked so am in if u will have me
  4. Is this all confirmed n paid now?
  5. I'll second that was a good night. Eveb better by pizza and dounuts. Seen some familiar cars but not the faces behind them. Have to get a few shows with you guys and catch up
  6. Will everyone still be there around half 7 ish i thinking of coming to catch up on everything
  7. J543c

    Am back

    Great in love with it best car by far i have owned. Currently just enjoying it but needing to get it cleaned up to my standard but busying doing customers cars. Only small mod is rear wiper blank. Tested for orranje to comfirm it fits the f56. Great little addition. Next on my list is the pro front splitters to match rest the car had. But my birthday Friday so fingers crossed the cards money covers that.
  8. J543c

    Am back

    Had to come back at some point lol. Hopefully this week flys in hate waiting
  9. Hey all thought I'd say to a few that know me I'll be back in the mini game from the 15th of April. A few know me from my r53 s on them teal Porsche wheels and the fun n faults the car had. Since then i had an evo 10 and recently for past 16months a mk2 leon cupra r. But recently took interested back to mini as i always do. So on the 15th I'll be welcoming a new f56 jcw with a decent option list n few pro goodies. Will be leaving the car as is for a while learning the car and the auto box which should be fun. Hopefully get out for a catch up soon Jase
  10. Anyone got one i can have or buy short notice?
  11. Selling these off my car St coilovers these made buy kw and have been on the car since may. Still on great condition look for 380ono. Exhaust been on since January scorpion cat back system. Great condition and sounds great. Also have a janspeed manifold with decat pipe. These are open to offer as i need to px them for cash and standard system in gd condition Any questions let me know
  12. No mines been fine since back went Silverstone at weekend in it i setting off in 5 so might be little late to teaco
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