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  1. @Lainy Welcome to the forum 👍🏻

    why not get a build thread started to keep a track of everything you do to your MINI, it’s surprising how quick they transform before your eyes especially when you think that you haven’t done much

  2. I use Carly, I’d be intrigued to see if the hot and cold monitoring were turned off. By the sounds of it, the cold (as it suggests first initial check) may not be turned off.

    the hot monitoring is the continuous checks with engine running


    drop me a message and we can arrange something

  3. On 30/01/2020 at 09:16, James said:


    I always think this is a shame. I prefer the Rowan Atkinson philosophy whereby a special car is built to be driven no matter the value or hit on depreciation as he did with his McLaren F1. Went to Mad4Mini one year and they had two GP1's in for some upgrades. I was chuffed to see two and took loads of photos. Actually helped the Mini bug too.


    So basically, given the cash i'd get the GP3 and drive the thing every single day modding as i wished.

    I suppose if money wasn’t an issue then yeah good point, you wouldn’t be worried about depreciation etc

  4. I know of a few out there but it's something I'd never considered as i like cleaning my cars myself. (That way there is only one person to blame for any swirls)


    I guess it all depends you promote yourself, if you use Car Cleaning, Valeter, Detailer ???? as each will have its own interpretations, a cleaner won't detail, a detailer will be expensive ??????

  5. Welcome Callum ( @C10ugf)

    I take it that you enjoyed the run enough at the weekend that you decided to join the forum ?


    why not post some picks of your Cooper and introduce yourself to those that didn’t make it  👍🏻

  6. I found a website last year that showed all of the operating temperatures for brake pads of various types and brands but can I heck find it since. Obviously the high performance ones don’t start working until they are hot but standard ones don’t work in the same range. Some are that far apart that you would need three different pads to cover the whole range.

    im away for a couple of nights but will try it when I get home (if nobody beats me to it)

  7. The handbrake will effect the pedal as it’s applying the rear pads. 
    do you know the operating temp of the pads ? I don’t think this will have any effect but I wondered if they were a high operating temp and you were using the brakes cold, if they were as effective as you’d expect ?

  8. Very nice, very glossy & shiny

    forums are a dying thing since Facebook has taken over but it’s nice to have the continuity and somewhere that....... we’ll.......just isn’t Facebook ! 

    are you local ? I don’t think I’ve spotted you about

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