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  1. It broke free from the garage to be used as a daily for the rest of the week. A nice bit of beadage going on even after a drive to and from work in the rain all thanks to some meguiars liquid ceramic wax. I’ll update this to say how long it lasts



  2. Wheeled the car outside to get access around more of the car, while doing passenger side (with the bonnet up) I caught a glimpse of all the flake in the paint and had to take a pic.

    I’m starting to lose patience with it now, I just want it done. 




  3. Loss of power steering at speed sounds far worse than it actually is. 
    You still have a manual connection and realistically how many sharp corners are on 70mph roads.

    i would check OEM against aftermarket and see how the price stacks up. If you can find who makes the OEM one, even better as you will buy it cheaper elsewhere. 
    Personally not knowing anything about power steering pumps, I’d lean towards OEM as you know it should fit without any hassle

  4. 15 minutes ago, Andy said:

    Thank you Ian for arranging this. Apart from the many twats in lycra it was a brilliant run out. Just what was needed. 

    You are welcome, I think one or two got the message that we were coming through 😂

  5. During lockdown I made the decision that I was going have an attempt at machine polishing.

    I did a bit of research (pestered the living daylights out of anyone who I knew had one) and made a purchase.


    In true fashion I decided to start with one of the more difficult panels, the bonnet as I was in the process of touching up some stone chips.


    With a few evenings taking it gently I ended up with a bonnet looking like this. 

    I will get a good look at it in daylight at the weekend and see how good a job I have actually made, then onto the rest of the car (or fix the bodge I made of the bonnet)




  6. 1 hour ago, f56_dan said:

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed I can make it! Due to unforseen circumstances I'm being told there's a 75% chance I'll get my car back tomorrow evening, if not I'll be without it till Monday 😥

    I hope you told them to work through the night 

  7. If you can't find the theme option don't stress as due to me highlighting the issue I believe the old theme has been removed, therefore no options available to create an options list.

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