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  1. It broke free from the garage to be used as a daily for the rest of the week. A nice bit of beadage going on even after a drive to and from work in the rain all thanks to some meguiars liquid ceramic wax. I’ll update this to say how long it lasts
  2. And installed... #StealthModeActivated
  3. New badges purchased and modified
  4. I imagine the sound quality is out of this world. I bet you are well chuffed. I can’t wait to hear it !
  5. For this being left along as you were spending all of your time and resource on the Golf, this has had some subtle and tasteful mods. The best maybe yet to come
  6. You aren’t gagging around with this one. It’s got a cracking shine to it too.
  7. I’ve de-badged to car to do a proper job of the paint prep. I just can’t decide which MINI logo to use on the bonnet. Does anyone know if F56 emblems fit the R56 ?
  8. Wheeled the car outside to get access around more of the car, while doing passenger side (with the bonnet up) I caught a glimpse of all the flake in the paint and had to take a pic. I’m starting to lose patience with it now, I just want it done.
  9. Looking good, makes a change from a G-wing. I do like G-wings but they are everywhere. These are a fantastic alternative
  10. One of the last few little bits of chrome has bitten the dust
  11. A couple more photos for those following progress. the side and roof weren’t too bad but have came up well. I hope I’ve got rid of some of the holograms that were on the drivers door
  12. I must admit I do like the led rear lights, that would be a must for me if I had one
  13. You are welcome, I think one or two got the message that we were coming through 😂
  14. It was a shame about the number of cyclists but it didn’t spoil today. Thanks to @Mr Watton @Kevin Griffin & @Andy for coming
  15. wait until you see it in the sun, it could be full of holograms. 😂
  16. During lockdown I made the decision that I was going have an attempt at machine polishing. I did a bit of research (pestered the living daylights out of anyone who I knew had one) and made a purchase. In true fashion I decided to start with one of the more difficult panels, the bonnet as I was in the process of touching up some stone chips. With a few evenings taking it gently I ended up with a bonnet looking like this. I will get a good look at it in daylight at the weekend and see how good a job I have actually made, then onto the rest of the car (or fi
  17. I hope you told them to work through the night
  18. If you can't find the theme option don't stress as due to me highlighting the issue I believe the old theme has been removed, therefore no options available to create an options list.
  19. Sometimes its a good thing having a boring life, not having anything to report. The up side is that you can start shopping for mods again lol
  20. Hey @Beemerpij I'm not aware myself if this is possible, fingers crossed it is but I bet it would need some sort of coding. I'm guessing you may be the first on here to try it. Check out www.realoem.com for part numbers if you need them. it might give you a good indication of where to start
  21. For those that haven't spotted it yet, there is a run planned for Saturday 05/09/20 heading around Northumberland. It is limited numbers so please be quick as there is one space left. There are a couple of reserve spots incase anyone can't make it, so if interested please let me know.
  22. I have thrown together a route for Saturday. I will message everyone with the start point, which will be close to the A1 (Westerhope/Kingston Park) Probably a early ish start to get back in good time, as I'm sure everyone will have things to do in the afternoon. Driving time on the route below is approx 3 hours, add into that a couple of stops etc Fingers crossed the weather holds
  23. It turns out I had the wrong theme chosen, if anyone else has this issue, go to the very bottom of the page and click on themes, the one you want is “FOM Default Theme"
  24. I think I’m going blind but has messaging moved or vanished ?
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