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  1. I found a website last year that showed all of the operating temperatures for brake pads of various types and brands but can I heck find it since. Obviously the high performance ones don’t start working until they are hot but standard ones don’t work in the same range. Some are that far apart that you would need three different pads to cover the whole range. im away for a couple of nights but will try it when I get home (if nobody beats me to it)
  2. I might have to try this as I have some leds that will work a treat thanks for the write up
  3. The handbrake will effect the pedal as it’s applying the rear pads. do you know the operating temp of the pads ? I don’t think this will have any effect but I wondered if they were a high operating temp and you were using the brakes cold, if they were as effective as you’d expect ?
  4. No worries, I’ve found the bulb monitoring still triggers with cheap bulbs despite me turning it off. I should be able to turn it off for you at the next meet 👍🏻
  5. Very nice, very glossy & shiny forums are a dying thing since Facebook has taken over but it’s nice to have the continuity and somewhere that....... we’ll.......just isn’t Facebook ! are you local ? I don’t think I’ve spotted you about
  6. To all that came today, thank you for your awesomeness, I had a fab day. Why not post your pics here so they don’t get lost (like on Facebook). They’ll be here as long as the forum, in decent quality too 👍🏻
  7. Welcome to FullOnMINIs @Jillpx1 what brings you to us ? why not post a pic of your MINI to get the conversation started 👍🏻😎
  8. Sorry, my bad. When you talked about the orange/yellow I railroaded myself into thinking you were talking about the indicators when they weren’t illuminated. the side lights are short 501 bulbs. if you get some decent error free ones then you should be ok but if you still need the bulb monitoring turned off give me a shout. With LED bulbs you need to get the right colour temperature. I think the colour to match xenon is around 6000k I got some fogs at the same time but the colour is a bit off, I’ll get them sorted at some point
  9. I didn't think it had been this long since I updated this ! (its nearly MOT time again) As you will see, not a lot has changed in the last year. I have probably done less miles than last year. I have decided to give it a wash after some recent use and pop it back in the garage. Each night I am popping in the garage to wax a panel while I get some cash together for new brake discs. I am finally realising how critical it is to take the car for a quick spin following a wash to dry the discs off. Anyway, a couple photos of the clean car Just enough room
  10. Glad you got it sorted, great write up 👍🏻
  11. that’s a serious piece of kit ! I’m not surprised the MINI feels slow 🤦‍♂️ I bet there is some monies worth sunk into this !
  12. Mine is an SD too, there is more out there than you think. They require a completely different driving style to anything i have driven previously, with a lot of boost delivered at 1,200 rpm. They still manage to keep up with most JCW's up to the speed limit, cor me its more of a case of getting the clutch up before all the boost kicks in.
  13. Welcome to FullOnMINIs, why not post a pic of your MINI and introduce yourself 👍🏻 Ian
  14. I think I’ve said this before, sorry if I’m repeating myself. the best way to go about deciding an what parts to dechrome is with electrical insulation tape. I spent about 3 years with mine before buying some proper stuff. It just took me a while to commit to which parts I wanted to paint as I didn’t want the all black murdered out look
  15. the grill surrounds are OEM black replacement parts but the lower grill has a piece of beltline tape across it. Some of the belt line could do with being done again but if i'm completely honest, i'm not 100% happy with the colour so may get re-done at some point
  16. That does look rather odd in the exhaust. Burn it out with flames 🔥 😂
  17. When the rear struts are off the car and at full extension, you can sometimes get away with putting a bar through the lower mounting hole (or i did anyway). The surface to surface contact of the piston at the top of the cylinder can be enough resistance to help crack the nut loose.
  18. welcome @Decade1987 , Why not post a couple of pics of your MINI and introduce yourself ? we are a friendly bunch, honest
  19. I have a version of these fitted. Amazon Link a slight orange but not as bad as standard bulbs
  20. Have you still got the bottles from the last run ?
  21. I don’t think I can make this one. Certainly not the start. I’ll not know properly until the morning.
  22. I would like to think it is going back to Santa Pod but we'll see if they have time to organise anything. Hopefully some New Mini traders
  23. You aren't hanging around and by the sounds of it, neither will the R59 !
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