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  1. I think you could be the envy of @Mr Watton with the M7 scoop, I’m sure I’ve heard him mention their stuff once or two hundred times lol so you have already gone down the weight reduction route by removing the rear seats 😂 it’s gonna be awesome with the map, lows & new wheels 👍🏻
  2. I do like a body colour scoop and headlight rings I think it’s the best way to go but that’s just my opinion.
  3. Welcome @R55norm, what an introduction ! You obviously know your way around MINIs then. Where are you from ?
  4. We are well over due photo evening. its always nice to get a photo taken by someone else’s eye.
  5. Looking good, Some cracking shots there. Is that last one a stationery shot or moving ?
  6. Thanks @f56_dan I’m not really sure what’s next, probably a bit of maintenance. I’ve just picked up a 2nd set of wheels to use as winters (similar to my originals)
  7. Why thank you sir. I have had this in mind for ages but it took me a while to pull the trigger on it.
  8. And finally a nice addition customised by Royal Steering Wheels. I was a little nervous at first as I wasn’t sure if the colours would match the work that I had done but it was spot on. #happydays
  9. Gaiters done to match
  10. Well, I decided to go for a stripe down either side as it allowed the centre to be irritation free
  11. Result ! A cheap fix, happy days
  12. What’s the benefit of different materials on each side ? I love the stealth modding 😂
  13. First I would Check the colour of the wires to the drivers rear speaker, attach wires to a speaker that you know works, pull the stereo out (leave it wired) and push the two wires into the back of the multiplug for the drivers rear speaker, If the speaker works, It’s a wiring issue, if it doesn’t, try the rear passenger speaker. if any of this is too arkward, you could connect the original stereo to see if you have sound,
  14. I don’t recognised that info, with most readers you get a specific code (I.e P00146) and sometimes a little explanation. You would then google the code (or I think Simon has saved them on here somewhere) and with the explanation you would be able to target further diagnosis. But that reader is portraying the info in a way I have never seen before, it may be worth reading the instruction manual to see how they tell you to decipher it or contact the seller/manufacturer. sorry I couldn’t be more help.
  15. Thinking about it, with a standard intake, a more aggressive scoop will have negative effects on performance/airflow will it not (all be it minimal) it’s only for appearance
  16. I think a more aggressive scoop would work nicely as long as you don’t go silly, a subtle one would look really good. I think the fixed rear spoiler would be needed if you wanted the more aggressive scoop. Are you running an aftermarket intake ? Id possibly suggest lowering it before deciding on the rear spoiler
  17. Kai, please explain more ? (That could have been written by a teacher 😂) I’m not sure I know what you mean
  18. The looks the muts........ a nice little addition, looks exactly how it should have looked leaving the factory. I think all Cooper S’s should have had a flat bottom steering wheel. Out of interest, who did it ?
  19. Not surprising really, I wouldn’t have thought there will be any events this year due to social distancing
  20. Nice work there Dan. Certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
  21. I often get hung up about locations and often forget it’s just about what’s in the photo, you don’t need a huge view otherwise the emphasis is taken from the car especially when you are taking partial focus shots like these. Put some focus on the car but using a plain side of a building as a back drop or a doorway or even an archway
  22. Some good photos here Dan, you are certainly getting to grips with the camera 👍🏻
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