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  1. Welcome @Cola414 there is plenty of inspiration here, most of which have got me into some sort of trouble one way or another 😜. why not post a couple of pics of your pride and joy to get the conversation going ?
  2. Potentially the 3? bolts could fall into the second skin but you'd be very unlucky as the outer hole is far bigger than the head of the torx bolt and they are pretty secure on the torx driver. Its more of a case of remembering that they are there before you try and pull the bumper off thinking that you have unbolted everything.
  3. I’m not sure I know which bit you are referring to as being the “skirt” I removed the front grill to access the top bolts, then loosened the arch liner to separate the arch trim from the bumper trim, then took out the 3? Vertical torx screws underneath, with all of those removed I took the bolts out of the top and lifted the bumper off. oh, I did remove the undertray too just for ease more than anything else
  4. I wasn’t sure if by chance you found a solution. Possibly one to treble check at the dealers when you take it for a service or something 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. More smiles per mile 👍🏻
  6. I’ll keep an eye open for the bumpers to see if anything shows up. If there’s anything else, let me know. Are you doing a facelift of the interior as well ? were you supplied the kit to install the software or do you need to take it to a specialist/dealer for them to do it ?
  7. I’m getting used to removing the bumper now so although it was quite a bit of work, it wasn’t too difficult. Thankfully. I’m just glad that it wasn’t expensive to fix (time is free at the moment) I would have loved to have seen the look on the pheasants face just before impact but that will have to be left to the imagination I’m afraid. @Mr Wattonwas the last to see the pheasant so goodness knows where it is now 🤷🏻‍♂️ All the best for the ‘21 @Kai2k
  8. I was going to ask if there have been any updates with this or if there was anything planned for 2021. but figured id have a re-read of the recent posts which raised a couple of questions Didn't you have BC coilovers ?? (I noticed KW's in one of the later pics) How long have you had them on ? (they look in far better knick than my ST's, I cannot adjust my 4yr old front struts due to the corrosion) Any updates on the spoiler/wheels ? Any more plans for 2021
  9. How are you settling in with this @LewisE ? bet its night and day to what you had, I hope you have shares with Michelin/Pirelli etc
  10. Nice One, I guess this is going to be a right labour of love. I wish I had this space to do something like this. Are you planning a full overhaul of the car or just cleaning up while bits while they are out for for mods ?
  11. Did you get sorted ? Ive just spotted this online Maxton Design
  12. @Fat Pete, did you manage to get this sorted ?
  13. How are you getting on with this one @cammygd ? any success ?
  14. Hi @Luke_McCartney_r56, How are you getting on with your MINI, I'm seeing a few photos on Instagram which are looking great.
  15. Not a lot to report I'm afraid, other than I managed to get out for a drive up to Hartside with @Mr Wattona couple of weeks ago and I suspect the front discs may need replacing due to corrosion on the inside edge (new pads and discs 💰😡) I seam to be paying a similar amount of money to keep the car in the garage 🤯. Oh and on the return from Hartside, I managed to hit a pheasant 🤬 ! I swerved several times before I eventually hit it. Fortunately it wasn't at great speed although the force was strong enough to push the fog light surround out of the bumper and knock the sidelight bulb
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