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  1. Kettlepot

    Monty mods

    ^^couldnt agree more ! did you get the phone fitted ?
  2. Kettlepot

    Hello !

    Welcome Andy, I think pictures are required 👍🏻 (After all they say a thousand words apparently)
  3. Welcome to the forum 👍🏻 As as a fellow diesel owner (R56SD) I have surprised many members here over how spritely the diesels can be. What sort of age are you looking at ?
  4. Kettlepot

    Monty mods

    A carphone ?
  5. Kettlepot

    Monty mods

    Rear strut brace ???
  6. Kettlepot

    Forza Horizon 4 - Due Oct 2018

    Still on the demo I’m affraid. I haven’t had much chance to play on this yet
  7. Kettlepot

    Spigot Rings

    The spigot ring bridges the gap between the centre of the wheel and the lip on your hub. This lip is what keeps the wheel perfectly centred. If the wheel isn’t a snug fit it can wobble and vibrate. As Andy suggests, I’d get them professionally measured and make sure you get the right ones.
  8. 200 should be a relativity easy figure to reach. I’d give BTG a shout to see what mods are needed to release what power.
  9. Kettlepot

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    Are you saying that because someone responsible is watching you or have you not discovered eBay ?
  10. Kettlepot

    K n N panel filter - worth it?

    I don’t think they add any power but certainly helps responsiveness. i believe all power is determined by the ecu with the fuel air mix. But if you can help the air in the pick up time will be less and it allows the ecu to maximise that air
  11. Kettlepot

    My 2007 R56 Cooper S

    You’ll just have to do part of my gear change process of making the pssst pop pop pop noises yourself ! i know you get the pops anyway but I don’t !
  12. Kettlepot

    Castle Run - 28th October

  13. Kettlepot

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    It was just my opinion more than help 👍🏻 Glad it may have helped
  14. Kettlepot

    2007 R56 MCS *Insert Name Here*

    It just has to be on the front and the correct size and ....erm..... colour . Off to one side is a bit different id be worried about scratches to the new paintwork too. I like the idea of the suckers as everything can be wiped easily before sticking it on

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