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  1. Do you wish to be first to set a challenge ? (I don’t play on it nearly enough)
  2. Does anyone now of a set of colour changing strip lights where the controller can be wired into a car ? I have seen them with 12v socket adaptors, but I want to hide everything and possibly take a feed of a different circuit.
  3. For those of you that know me on a personal level will know that the MINI has taken a bit of a back seat over the past 2.5 years. I have also struggled for inspiration on what to do next (as you will know I don't like to follow the norm). On being told to go and tidy the garage (I didn't need to be told twice) I found an old set of headlights that I was planning to strip and do something funky, and given the amount of joey mods that's going on at the moment due to the quarantine. Needless to say, I got a bit distracted (the below pic will give you an idea). I have some ideas but I'm not sure if I have the knowledge with LED lighting to pull it off.
  4. For all of you stuck indoors, Shallowing we have a digital drive out and a bit of a competition. For all with a games console, Something like fastest lap of the Nurburgring in a MINI ? Longest drift, most points drifted on specific track. To keep this fair, it will need specific criteria Game, Track, Car, Car Score (I would probably say standard in an attempt to keep cross platform fairness). Obviously, evidence will be required. Take a picture of your screen with points/time displayed. For those on Xbox, I like the Forza series of games and feel the Horizon editions give a wide selection of game types for those that might prefer other styles of driving to simple racing. We could even arrange a digital club drive out ????? We could even set daily challenges (set by different people to help with variety) Thoughts ?
  5. Thank you, I found out that the speedline wheels are actually heavier than my standard wheels. Needless to say they got removed from selection pretty quick which was a shame as it was the only ones that the wife agreed with 😂
  6. Welcome @Scott Russell 👍🏻
  7. All in time for the run out. cant wait to hear it. Is the centre section of the exhaust being removed soon ?
  8. Thanks Dan, I do agree that it has a certain look about it with the R112’s I just fancy mixing it up a little
  9. I like them on Scott’s F56 but I wondered how heavy they were as I fancy something a tad lighter
  10. I’ve been contemplating some new wheels for a while and can’t decide which I like most and which will serve purpose the best.
  11. you are more than welcome, great looking MINI you have there 👍🏻
  12. Welcome @Brams77 why not post a picture of your pride & joy and introduce yourself 👍🏻
  13. How does the clubman compare to the hatch ? I do like the Clubby but something is pulling me towards the hatch. but the clubby has all4 #decisions
  14. TLC and /or upgrades / changes ?
  15. Welcome @StefaniJCWClubman why not introduce yourself and show us a pic of your MINI which I’m guessing might be a Clubman JCW 🧐
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