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  1. I didn't think it had been this long since I updated this ! (its nearly MOT time again) As you will see, not a lot has changed in the last year. I have probably done less miles than last year. I have decided to give it a wash after some recent use and pop it back in the garage. Each night I am popping in the garage to wax a panel while I get some cash together for new brake discs. I am finally realising how critical it is to take the car for a quick spin following a wash to dry the discs off. Anyway, a couple photos of the clean car Just enough room
  2. Glad you got it sorted, great write up 👍🏻
  3. that’s a serious piece of kit ! I’m not surprised the MINI feels slow 🤦‍♂️ I bet there is some monies worth sunk into this !
  4. Mine is an SD too, there is more out there than you think. They require a completely different driving style to anything i have driven previously, with a lot of boost delivered at 1,200 rpm. They still manage to keep up with most JCW's up to the speed limit, cor me its more of a case of getting the clutch up before all the boost kicks in.
  5. Welcome to FullOnMINIs, why not post a pic of your MINI and introduce yourself 👍🏻 Ian
  6. I think I’ve said this before, sorry if I’m repeating myself. the best way to go about deciding an what parts to dechrome is with electrical insulation tape. I spent about 3 years with mine before buying some proper stuff. It just took me a while to commit to which parts I wanted to paint as I didn’t want the all black murdered out look
  7. the grill surrounds are OEM black replacement parts but the lower grill has a piece of beltline tape across it. Some of the belt line could do with being done again but if i'm completely honest, i'm not 100% happy with the colour so may get re-done at some point
  8. That does look rather odd in the exhaust. Burn it out with flames 🔥 😂
  9. When the rear struts are off the car and at full extension, you can sometimes get away with putting a bar through the lower mounting hole (or i did anyway). The surface to surface contact of the piston at the top of the cylinder can be enough resistance to help crack the nut loose.
  10. welcome @Decade1987 , Why not post a couple of pics of your MINI and introduce yourself ? we are a friendly bunch, honest
  11. I have a version of these fitted. Amazon Link a slight orange but not as bad as standard bulbs
  12. Have you still got the bottles from the last run ?
  13. I don’t think I can make this one. Certainly not the start. I’ll not know properly until the morning.
  14. I would like to think it is going back to Santa Pod but we'll see if they have time to organise anything. Hopefully some New Mini traders
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