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  1. Thanks guys.... shes awesome looking forward to having a read up on here..... mods and what to do first!
  2. Hey Guys, Newbie here so bare with me. After selling my car the other week came home on Sunday night with our new addition to the family....... http://i.imgur.com/YOYG6Djl.jpg?1' alt='URL>'> http://i.imgur.com/MRRpMt2l.jpg' alt='URL>'> Photos were taking on way home at the petrol station after buying her Mini Cooper S, 53 plate, 68k miles, Aero body kit, full black leather interior, came with plate too but going to be selling that as got my own on retention, this is my first Mini and shes fab!!! Shes been well looked after! Just needs a few touch ups here and there, and possibly a few mods along the way once ive got the funds and know what im doing. Hope you like
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