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  1. Agreed. I think that looks way better. They don’t look as big on the car now in that picture.
  2. They looks nice Scotty. They look big for the car to me but they are nice.
  3. Pretty cool but I won’t be splashing cash at that price any time soon.
  4. Car is looking good Simon 😎
  5. I did just after I replied myself, i didnt see it before hand
  6. Dont worry she is always like that...πŸ˜†πŸ™Š...Sorry Scotty
  7. I know a guy who might be wanting to sell his Grupe M induction kit @Maverick Gives you a good excuse to come up too
  8. One of the few pictures I took. Edited a little just make it prettier πŸ˜€ fantastic to see so many cars turn up and to see so many familiar and new faces.
  9. No qtr mile so im interested what the format will be. Will it just be a static show or will there be some track action?
  10. Will try and be there for this πŸ‘πŸ»
  11. Andy

    Monty mods

    Big black thing...πŸ‘€
  12. More updates! WHoooo!!! So the engine has been pulled out, fully stripped down to find out what the actual issue was. Turns out the car didnt like its pistons too much so decided to eat one. Tbh I had thought this would be the diagnosis since it had zero compression. I had in someway prepared myself for the news and was deciding what to actually do with the car if this was the actual case. Do i replace the parts with standard parts and it happen again in another 30k miles? Do I strip the car and part it off, or do I get it repaired properly and increase the strength of the engine and give the car the engine it deserves...one that isnt made of cheese and will die at any given moment...? After a conversation with Jase it was decided to rebuild the engine, fully forged and so the shopping list was made: Cylinder head rebuild - stem seals and clean up New vac pump New oil pump ARP bottom head bolts & studs & head-bolts Forged rods and pistons New water pump New thermostat & water pipe Oil feed pipe Block sent off for closed decking Crank, flywheel, rods and pistons balanced All new gaskets. I also had a new 4 paddle ceramic Helix Clutch & single mass flywheel sent down with the car to be fitted too. While all this was getting balanced, cleaned etc a few more conversations went on about setting the car up for future power upgrades which will always happen since we are building the base for that anyways. The first decision that was made was to change the compression ratio from 10:5:1 to JCW 10:1 ratio. The second decision was to add another upgrade for more power and that was to swap out the cams for some schrick fast road cams. Will be a totally different beast when this comes back. Nothing else has been added...yet! The car is now fully rebuilt and Jase is taking it through the process of running in and making sure there is no leaks or issues etc before I get it back. Amazing service from him to make sure everything is as it should be. I have to admin even though I havent got the car back yet I am still looking at upgrades. Bigger turbos, meth injection to name a few. The modding bug just doesnt stop.
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