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  1. Why am I just seeing this now...? Oh well...
  2. Its what i would do. I couldn’t justify spending 34k on a mini knowing with just a small amount more in a deposit or a small amount more each month i could get it.
  3. Nope! Spend a little more and buy a 718
  4. Agreed. I think that looks way better. They don’t look as big on the car now in that picture.
  5. They looks nice Scotty. They look big for the car to me but they are nice.
  6. Pretty cool but I won’t be splashing cash at that price any time soon.
  7. Car is looking good Simon 😎
  8. I did just after I replied myself, i didnt see it before hand
  9. Dont worry she is always like that...😆🙊...Sorry Scotty
  10. I know a guy who might be wanting to sell his Grupe M induction kit @Maverick Gives you a good excuse to come up too
  11. One of the few pictures I took. Edited a little just make it prettier 😀 fantastic to see so many cars turn up and to see so many familiar and new faces.
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